My New 40 Sliders

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Feb 1, 2002
No. Ogden, Utah
Hey folks,

Finally got around to buildin up the sliders. They're my first so they're not perfected yet but they'll do the trick and give me a start to base future builds off of. I like the DP step but I'd like to also try just adding 2 evenly spaced tubes in place of the step to get that "totally tubular" look :D , we'll see.

Just used 4" x 1/4" angle and cut out a hole for the frame's body mount arm extension thing, and 1 1/2" tube with some 1/8" thick DP. I had one bolted up and jumped around on it and it was super solid (being on fiberglass even :eek: ) and I think it'll be tough enough. I'll go plant em on some rawks and do the ol Hi-lift test here soon, pics to come.

If I find that they need some extra support to the frame I'll likely just use 2x2 tube welded atop the lower part running to plate bolted to the frame. I'll post up some pics of em installed asap.

Whaddya think? :beer:
Look nice....

So these are designed to bolt onto the lower rocker section?

No pic of that one installed?

Thanks guys.

Yeah just bolts on with no cutting. Eventually I'll build em skinnier after I trim the rockers once I get this thing built up a bit bigger. But for now, for simplicity they just bolt on. I also have those rear bushwacker flares that reach all the way up to the bend in the body so that saved me from having to form that section.

Didn't get any pics of the one installed, was just test fitting it. I'll post up pics when I get em painted and installed.

nice i like em got to see a pic on the 40 ......thats what i want on mine

Hawk - Those look cool. Nice job.

Curious the price for those and the bumper, you can PM me if you don't want to post it here. No immediate need, but you have to have a plan!
looks good hawk, your tub is fiberglass right?, i'm going to venture to guess that you will need to support them from the frame


Do you have any pic mounting your bumpers to the frame with a saginaw box? I've built the same style bumper out of 5" channel but have been scratching my head on the best way to attach it to the frame. Thanks!
7mag said:

Do you have any pic mounting your bumpers to the frame with a saginaw box? I've built the same style bumper out of 5" channel but have been scratching my head on the best way to attach it to the frame. Thanks!

Where U live at in CenTex? I'm in Killeen. :beer:

Check the bumpers page on the MUD home page for some pics of a couple of my different bumpers installed. Or you could click my link in my sig for the threads with the full writeups on em. ;) Keep in mind that they are made out of 2x4 tube instead of channel.

Got the sliders painted and they're hangin up to dry. It's just too fawkin cold out today. Pics to come. :D
Looks great! I'd like to see them on a 40 before I get mine. Would I paint or powdercoat them to get black?
HawkDriver said:
Where U live at in CenTex? I'm in Killeen. :beer:

I'm between Waco and McGregor off Hwy84. I've been working on a '70 40 I picked up in Cove back in Oct. It was sitting on 190 infront of Repair shop (bad camo). Its been a few years since wrenching on my '72. Having a lot of fun with it.

I would have just bought one of your bumper if I had known about them. I asked about installation because of the pipe through the frame at the saginaw box hinders other bolts for the bumper brackets. I'll probably just weld it.

The weather sucks today! Sitting on the c'puter while drinking beer. I hear theres good offroading around Hood. Do you have access?
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Dude if that's the same cruiser that I think it is (there were 2 within a mile of eachother on 190, one with a deerstand both camo, I think yours had terrible tape and padding on the roll bar) then I asked that guy about it about 3 years ago. He said no way would he consider selling it so I was like whateva! and drove past it for 3 years, then it just disappeared oneday :D .

Yeah I wheel on post alot, it's the only place to do it around here. But you have to be sneaky and do it enroute to the fishing hole or bird watching spot. ;) ;)

Let me know if ya wanna hit the trails oneday. PM me.

Is that the same one in both those pics?
That padded roll bar rusted holes in the tubing. Cut it up and bent a new roll bar from a Harbor Crap bender. Not perfect but good for now. No, their not the same cruiser.
The green one is a DD I rebuilt a few years ago. Its pretty much stock. Thats why wanted the camo one from CC. I won't feel guilty cutting it up. I hope to make it a more trail worthy rig.

I'd love to wheel on Post. I'm limited to my buddies ranch in Evant. I've heard the tank trails can be fun. I'll PM later.

Looks great man...hehe I did some trail running up at Campbell but up there they are pretty strict about it all...few guys have gotten bent over on that deal.

Keep it up


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