MudShip from Texas to PA

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Self-censoring my mud posts...
Oct 8, 2013
I'll be driving back from Texas to PA, on 2/5, and will have a 16 ft truck. I'm picking up a bunch of vintage motorcycles and parts, but will have some room.

Anybody need anything mudshipped? I will only meet along my main route.

I'm taking the route highlighted in blue because it will take me through the only two states in the lower 48 that I have never been to!

Louisiana and Mississippi.

let me know if you run into trouble in Virginia. Safe travels bro!
Less chance of snow as well, but you will miss CCOT!

@Crusha I fixed your travel plans with a more accurate route.

BK and I are right on your route. Run into trouble give us a call. Let me know if you what to catch some lunch.
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See if you can swing a stop to visit @wngrog !

you still got that dneper?
Yup, Let's make it yours!

PM me.

I was actually going to ebay it tomorrow, but would rather make a deal...
Beatle Juice says, drive safe mafuhka!

Lol, Im in Lewisburg, lets have a GTG when you get back!

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