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Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
I have purchased Moen products for a few years now and they have been good except the faucet we installed in the kitchen about 5 years ago began leaking and could not be repaired. I chalked it up to it being an issue with the hard water we have here and just usage. While I was at Lowes yesterday I spoke with the salesman and he said that the warranty had expired so I just picked up a new one. I installed it this morning and after picking up my tools etc I decided to register it online. There was a comment box below the address box etc and I put in a few words about how I thought the faucet should have lasted longer than 5 years blah blah blah. I never fill these things out and not sure what possessed me to do it this time. Well, as I sit here watching the cubs and astros play my phone rang. After answering it the person on the other end of the line said that she was a rep w/ moen and wanted to know what and where my faucet was leaking. I was dumbfound to receive a call from them at all but on Sunday? I explained to her that it leaked from the valve body and the finish was failing miserably. She apologized and asked why we didn't try to have it repaired/replaced under warranty. I explained to her that the rep at lowes told me it was no longer in warranty and I would have to purchase another one. She expressed her displeasure with the box stores and how they misinform consumers to make a buck. Afterwards she gave me a choice of three different replacements that she could send to me as a replacement under warranty. It turns out that their warranty is for the life of the product as long as it is installed in the house it was originally installed in. Unbelievable. I made my choice from the selections she gave, told me she was going to waive the warranty processing fee and have the faucet over nighted to my house at no charge. Even as I type this I am in disbelief but wanted to share my experience with Moen. Too bad customer service like this has almost disappeared.
Yep, I've had the same type experience with Moen before. I had a gal on a Saturday spend 30 minutes with me on the phone walking me through taking a kitchen faucet apart and diagnosing the problem. Once she determined what the problem was she sent all new parts free of charge, even though I wasn't the original owner. I've never gotten service like that from a company before. They will get my business in the future.
If you bought the faucet after 1996 there is a lifetime warrenty. Just call 1800 BUY Moen and they will give you what you need to repair it. If you can't fix it yourself they will try to find a local plumber to do it for parts. I got a call from Moen to repair a faucet about a mile from my house. They said they couldn't pay me but would give me parts. They were like "How many cartridges would you want to go fix this faucet?" We settled on 6 and I went and did the repair.
Americaan Standards helped me too. Price Fister excellent as well. Grohe Ive not had good luck with. Mike
In my new ( to me ) house I replace all the faucets with Moen .. sure they are still new ( nearly 3 years old ) but I'm glad to ear this kind of customer service ( thay may not be working to me but .. )
Moen have sent me every part I've ever asked for at no charge and no questions asked other than "is this still your current address". They've also been quite helpful in diagnosing the problem although that generally hasn't been necessary. It is refreshing that their customer service reps do know the products; that often isn't the case.
Been having lots of unwanted practice trouble shooting leaky plumbing.

Pretty much all companies will offer free parts .... the problem is that some are very frustrating and you may be better off (considering your time, frustration, water damage and inconvenience) just replacing with another make. So far I have replaced a Hansgrohe and a brand new American Standard "Pekoe" with Delta faucets and been very pleased.

I have also replaced a leaking KWC with another KWC - jury is out on this make.

I recently ordered a replacement divertor valve for a Moen bidet ... which was plumber installed (as was the Pekoe) both the Moen divertor and the American Standard Pekoe faucet failed on installation....I will see what happens when the new divertor is installed. Unfortunately I also had to pay the plumber for the second visit to trouble shoot the divertor - so I will end up installing the replacement part myself when it arrives (another cost factor to consider)

In the case of the brand new American Standard Pekoe kitchen faucet (proudly made in China but priced like it was made in Bavaria) I waited patiently for a week to get the replacement pullout hose which arrived free of charge .. BUT failed to cure the leak I had at the spray head/hose coupling. Of course by this point my wife had lost her sense of humour at not having a kitchen sink and having to wash dishes in the bathroom tub. So in went the Delta - in jig time without a plumber and without a leak!!! Frankly I was not overly delighted at the fact that the leak also occurred when the spray head was seated in the faucet and significant water escaped into my brand NEW kitchen cabinets that the fancy Pekoe was to grace!! NOT HAPPY!!!!

I am sure others have had positive experience with Moen and American Standard. In fact that's why I purchased them to begin with...but my experience has been unsatisfactory and so now I am leaning towards Delta fwiw (or Chicago if I could find them locally)

(it is curious that American Standard seems to have all their product line manufactured in China - quite an oxymoron )
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I replaced everything in my house with Moen and recommended Moen to all my customers. They have never given any trouble about parts and faucet replacements.
Personally I wouldn't install Kohler or Grohe faucets in my house. Ever. Kohler toilets are good though.

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buy it for looks, buy it for life
I've had good experience with Danze fixtures, they replaced two spouts ( not sure the correct name) for the cost of shipping due to the brush nickel corroding from hard water.
Then this past week Kohler is sending replacement updated valve bodies not due to leaking but hard to turn, free.
Were talking customer service.
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Good know that Moen honors their warranties so easily. That alone can be worth a lot. I guess I'll give them a call as my kitchen faucet needs a little repair.
My local Lowe's guy told me the same thing - all of their faucets are warranted for life but it does help if you register your product after purchasing.

I'm looking a their no touch kitchen faucet at this time, looks interesting!
I've had good experience with Danze fixtures, they replaced two spouts ( not sure the correct name) for the cost of shipping due to the brush nickel corroding from hard water.
Then this past week Kohler is sending replacement updated valve bodies not due to leaking but hard to turn, free.
Were talking customer service.
Danze is owned by Delta
Danze is owned by Delta

So far the Delta's I have installed have been good. 10 years ago if someone had asked I would have ranked them:
1 - American Standard
2 - Moen
3 - Delta

now for dependability I guess my very subjective ranking (but based on some limited first hand experience) is

1 - Delta
2 - Moen
3 - American Standard

All Euro plumbing fixtures (or Euro sounding names but manufactured in China) ...are ranked 8,9 and 10 ... or lower

Still would like to install and try a Chicago tap/faucet .. American made and solid apparently

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