Misc ramblings - part II

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Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
Hey guys,

I finally got back home to Illinois from a three week road trip. The FZJ80 averaged about 17mpg based on a very bald set of 245 75 R16 tires! Average speed was around 75 mph (GPS). I had the cruise set of 79.3 and deactivated it on long hill climbs. The amount of torque this thing has is absolutely mind blowing! She ran w/o any complaints or consuming oil. I'm in love :p

The day after I arrived home, she got a new set of 285 75 R16 MT/Rs. I was looking forward to set of these since I got them on my other rig. They drive like pizza cutters, as in "cornering maniac"! With the factory stiff mofo Tokico shocks, and 32psi, I can practically out corner most sedans! Meanwhile my kidneys are taking a bruising! Even at 28psi, she's stiff as a board (good if you're a guy but not good if you're a set of shocks :D). I had discount tires sipe and "match balance" the tires on the rims. Unfortunately, their match balancer was down so a normal balance was done. The rear tires got too much weight and still are out of balance. I'll go in today.

Anywho, the springs/shocks/bumper are on their way.

Here're the stupid questions:

- where is the most popular hole in the firewall where one can pass wires through from the cabin to the engine bay? Are there couple of holes? I need to pass my CB antenna wire too.

-assuming that the factory locker wiring harness already exists behind the blank, where is the best location to pick up these wires to hook up to my ARB solenoids? I'm hoping I can pick these up in the engine bay.

-Toll road users - are your transponders working through the windshield? I was thinking of attaching mine to the sunroof glass.

-ARB lockers owners - how are you activating the compressor? Using a stock switch or a typical aftermarket switch in the spare blanks?

- Aftermarket alarm owners - I don't think my vehicle has a security ECU. But I'll have to check once I know what to look for. What brand of alarm is recommended for our vehicles? Any favorite brand and install place? I'm not going to install the Bulldog (el cheapo, DIY) alarm on this one!

Thanks for humoring me as always!


ps here's a pic of a set of 37"s that were in the shop. Hope I can upload this w/o problems. And another poser shot in the Black Rock desert.
Guess I don't know how to upload pics. Any hints?

[move] :doh:[/move]
Maybe this'll help on 2 questions....I defer to the more knowledgable of the Board on the rest:

Hole in Firewall: On mine, I found a rubber plug on the DS, to the left of and beneath the DS hood hinge. I left the plug intact, cut an 'x' in it, and pushed aux fuse block wires through the 'x', then sealed it back up w/silicone. Wires exited high up behind the das, drivers side.

Aftermarket alarm: A couple of friends of mine down here have used Viper and Clifford G5 systems in their LCs, and speak highly of both.

Good luck!
- Hole in firewall...correct, DS. This was the location for a clutch which is not in use...nice grommet to use for all sorts of wires.

- Not sure on the ARB questions, I think you are in an apple and oranges scenario.

- Not a toller.

- Mine came with the dealer option alarm/key fob thing.
I don't think the moon roof is a good place to stick anything unless it is very thin. How would you retract the roof with something stuck to it?

No toll roads in NM so I'm not even sure what the transponder looks like.
Absolutely agree with -B- on the transponder/sun roof thing. You'll not be happy when you open your roof. Just put it behind the rear-view mirror up high so the receiver in the toll booth can see it easy.

And yes, that clutch gromet is a nice feature that Toy left us.
I'm not a big fan of slicing the grommet x like. I prefer to cut a nice round hole to fit the size wire I'm running. Here's the trick:

Remove the grommet and get a wood block. Next get a nice once-fired case from your stash under the loading bench (I find 30 caliber Lake City '69 works well). Use the case as a punch. Put it mouth down on the grommet where you want the hole (with the grommet on the wood block) and smack it with a hammer. The case mouth cuts a nice round hole ;) . You can cut different size holes with different calibers.

The key, of course, is to use a fired case :rolleyes:

A true :banana: job.


I can see it now...

"I tried your technique and was running 12 guage wire....the hole seems to be much larger..."



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