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I'm game. Not much to offer but I'll show.
I'm in, pick a time and place. I'm free evenings except Wednesdays.
Hey guys, no worries.

I was just thinking some pizza and or a beer or anything similar. Just a meet your local Cruiser owner kind of thing. All models welcome of course!

Let's see if any others show interest before planning anything?

I am in no hurry, my HJ47 is currently getting a bunch of wiring done to it so it is not on the road right now. And my PZJ70 needs some wiring done to it since I currently don't have headlights.

I'll be there if I can. Life's bulls*** crazy right now and I don't expect to have much time until... end of February? Don't wait for me, in other words.
I have been know to down a beer or 2 ...
I know this is short notice, but...

There is a Kegs for Kause at Payette Brewing from 6-9 tonight. 50% of the sales go to Recreation Unlimited . I may be down there for a few beers.

Up to you, I haven't been to the Symposion in a while, if you like dive bars, you can't beat it. No food though.

If you want food, there's the Dutch Goose, we met there a few years ago. It's counter-service and pub food. Way, way back, we used to meet an Idaho Pizza Company on Fairview.
Looks like as good as any ...
Well, we can do it this weekend but perhaps better the next week to give people a little more time to see this thread?

I am going to say Dutch Goose unless anyone has any better suggestions.

Have we decided? I'm free Saturday (1/27) afternoon, busy in the a.m. and evening.
Have we decided? I'm free Saturday (1/27) afternoon, busy in the a.m. and evening.

I got a guy flying in on Saturday to check out my 47. I was going to suggest Sunday at 2pm at the Dutch Goose.


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