Let's see you custom rear bumper

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Mar 8, 2009
I would like to see some pictures of custom built rear bumpers with tire carrier, jerry can holder and possibly hilift, also what kind of hinge and latch? Thank You.

holds two jerry cans, and up to a true 35" spare, but no high lift.

Hinge, latch, and spring loaded catch came from IPOR. Everything else was home-made.
Mine's very similar to Cirbo's with hardware from IPOR. It can carry 3 septer cans, action packer or cooler. I just added the Rotopax cans so I can carry gas and still have the basket available.

Hi-Lift sits on rubber stoppers. Can carry a 35" tire. There's also a receiver hitch setup in the center of the tire for added expandability.

I still have to finish the tail lights yet. I've got a set of LED lights that will be mounted on the bumper.
Bumper 003 (Large).jpg
Bumper 002 (Large).jpg
Thanks for the pics, what size tubing are the main part of your bumpers made from?
2.5 inch 3/16" walled square tube.

Scott, I like that bumper! I may need to borrow some of those design ideas in the future.

Nice bumpers. Thanks for the links Mrmanny I searched before but did not find those? I guess I did not look long enough. they are some nice builds.
I have made several of this bumper and carrier combo. some slight variation on each.

This is on my rig. This was the bumper in it's first evolution.


After some serious over stressing of the bumper and the pintle, I beefed up the mounting to the frame and the rear crossmember immensely... adding the receivers for the lower extended pintle hook so that my M416 rides level. I also added mounts for a highlift and the larger baskets. I plan on added revers lights and another set of tail/brake and turn signals in the underside of the baskets... when I get the time for such details :)


I used two destaco 1 ton latches on this bumper. But I have started using a different interlocking swingarm/latch setup wich uses a single latch to hold both swingarms.

I was going to joke and say that you could pull a aux fuel tank behind the truck if you don't have enough fuel...ha!...but then I saw the second pic....is that a 55 gallon drum of fuel?!?:lol:

I'd love to drive my Cruiser through Alaska...nice truck.

I have made several of this bumper and carrier combo. some slight variation on each.

This is on my rig. This was the bumper in it's first evolution.

I more often carry 4 of those jugs of fuel in the racks... 60 gallons total. This time since I had the trailer and was hauling fuel for others (one drum had been offloaded already) I was carrying a tool box in the rack under the duffles.

We are slowly pushing further into a particular area where we will take the trailer full of fuel in 75-100 miles and then leave it, topping off the onboard fuel for the rigs and refilling again when we get back to it on the way out. This summer I expect we will haul 6 drums in in a pair of M416s about 100 miles in on one trip so that we can start a fuel cache for future trips.

Back to bumpers... :)

I always use 1/4 wall section for the swing arms and any tubing based structure on the swing arms. and I always use swingarms that are only half length or *maybe* 3/4 length across the bumper, with a solid latch at the non-hinge end.
It is important to keep the swing arms strong and as short as possible to reduce flex and vibration. The carriers ares subjected to a LOT of stress when loaded heavy on a rough trail.
Here is closer shot of the bumper on my '40, showing the removable extension with the lower pintle hook and the corner shackle points more clearly.


This is a similar bumper on another of "our" rigs...


These next shots are of a newer approach to latching dual swing arms that I am using now...




This bumper is on a 4runner, but the latch works well on any bumper.

BTW... the hinges on all of these are an outer shell of schedule 80 pipe with an inner shoulder welded in place to locate the tapered wheel bearings on a one inch trailer axle spindle.

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Here is a few more shots of bumpers which are slight variations on a theme... and a couple of shots of the 4runner bumper and an FJ60 bumper. We will be putting the lights in the bumper on the '60s from now on too so that the concerns about obstructing the tail light is no longer a factor interfering with rite and rack placement.

This is one of the usual front bumpers on our club's '40s... notice the winch "plate" is a pair of heavy uprights... 1/2 inch thick in this case, usually 3/8th's


This on is under construction as the photo is taken... one of the club guys working on it himself on weekends


Another one not finished...


and the 4runner...




and an FJ60



Mark W

What spring are you running under the back of your FJ40? The shackle angle looks great but I can imagine the squat when those jugs are loaded. Any difference? My FJ 40 squats when the 2 cans are full.

Great idea on the latch system.
Only pic I've got handy:D, another DIY with IPOR parts.

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