Learn from me - Bad build experience Ed Martin

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Sep 20, 2019
Olympic Peninsula
The point: Make sure you know who is doing your build and make sure they are qualified.

I had a build done by one of the popular Dealers on this forum; Rainy Day is right.

I spent a small fortune on it thinking that the work was done by experts, and you know, a once in a lifetime thing...

While I expressed the following in email " I would prefer a 0 mile delivery to your dealership. I don't want anyone else touching the vehicle outside of your control. " and I now understand that not all work was not done at the dealer but rather 4 Wheel Parts.

It was nearly two months after initial delivery for rework to complete.

Was the LRA aux tank grounded? Was the evap-canister zip tied to secure it; was it compressed or crushed by the LRA tank and did bracket get bent/broke from the install and was a new one fabricated? Do I still smell gas?

Was the wiring bad to the switches?

Were the sliders over-torqued and did that cause a frame rail to cave in?

Many folks were consulted if the repairs could even be made e.g. over torqued sliders caved-in frame rail.

My first clue these were not experts should have been when they installed those rock lights on the sliders.

Dealer has so far paid for rework and repairs and apologized for my experience.

I paid a premium for a really crappy experience and I'm still not done.

I hope others learn from this.

I especially hope the Dealer learns that one must make sure that he can back up statements on quality and expertise.
Please do better, everyone deserves better.
Too vague, who was the dealer or shop that did this shoddy work, so we can avoid them?
Sometimes the best things remain unsaid?

Nope. If you call someone out on this forum you need to call them out. We do have a bad sellers forum......
It is just public pissing and moaning and not helpful to others if the shop that screwed up isn't named.
In some ways I agree but just trying to keep the forum from keyboard bashing. If the identity is important I'm sure one could PM the OP. One would assume that a dealer on this forum is competent and qualified but apparently this isn' t the case. This isn't the first time nor the last sadly. Buyer beware.
Unless I’m missing something, the dealer is named in his post title.
Sorry, I either missed that, or it was edited. Apologies if I missed it.
It’s Ed Martin Toyota. They set a record for 200 Series sales in the US. They commissioned a build by Dissent Off-road and one by Slee...both looked top shelf.

I remember the OP’s truck because the rock lights were originally installed on the bottom of the sliders...terribly exposed.

I’d be pretty upset (if I could afford a 200 and a build to boot) and found out it had been sub’d to 4Wheel Parts.
Sounds unpleasant for sure. I’m hopeful you can get any long term issues addressed!
I bought used a well used truck and it only took one home oil change to see that I couldn’t trust a 3rd party with my rig. Overtorqued filter housing, missing bolts and pieces from skids, etc. also when I got there during PM, stripped out drain plugs that should not have been reinstalled On Diffs, more missing bolts. And when first aligned , over torqued adjustement bolts. I had extensive records of 10 years exclusive dealer service, but no one will love it like we do.
disclaimer: the named dealer forwarded me a takeoff rack for shipping costs only.
Is this your rig?

How did you find out that the work was done at 4wheel parts? I was under the impression that Ed Martin did all the work in house (aside from the dissent and slee builds)

oh dang. Ed Martin is 6 miles from 4 Wheel parts :confused::oops::rolleyes::(

Do you have any pictures of the frame damage?

were the sliders removed to inspect the frame?

How many miles were on the rig when you received it? Was the re-gear properly broken in?
I've asked for pictures of the frame.
I was told by the shop they had to bend back the bud built backing plate.
I think there were about 500 miles on it when it arrived.
I'm hoping the re-gear was properly broken in. The shop that made the repairs said they didn't hear anything.
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