leaking valve seat 3fe

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Dec 21, 2016
red clay Ga
I have another thread on a sludge issue that I have with my 3fe . Then I found out it had coolant leaking from the valve seat . I was trying to figure this all out . If the valve seat is leaking coolant doesn't that mean that the cylinder below it should be full of coolant ? I don't quite understand this motor design beside it being a simple pushrod motor ,but leaking coolant right between valve seat where it sits . I'm in the process of taking the head off as of what they mention in the thread I made about sludge . I hope that nobody goes through this problem ...removing the head for a tiny crack that seems to be unexplainable . I'm posting a picture below please view for any answer to my delima.
I haven't check the plug but I will in the morning . The oil looks good no milky discoloration . The old oil wasn't milky either ,but from my point of view and looking at the valve cover it's been doing this for a few thousand miles . The valve cover was fill with gel similar to Vaseline in the color of gold . The trucks runs good no miss fire ,it idles real steady and doesn't smoke at all beside the normal steam at startup in cold weather . I know if the plug is white is burning coolant but it didn't smell like it either . It doesn't overheat before I realized this I drove it 30 miles . It wasn't running usual ...but I figure it's common sense that if it's leaking from the valve seat it must be inside the cylinder block too .
Obviously antifreeze should not be appearing there. Did it spill from removing/leaking from the small coolant hoses? It seems like there is one under the TPS. If you are not too far into it, I would hook up your intake tube, plug your pcv valve hose, and plug the other that goes to the valve cover. I then would clean the area where the antifreeze appeared and start the engine. Let it run a while and see if it reappears with the valve cover off. Obviously if you removed a coolant hose it will need to be replaced.
The valve cover was remove,and the coolant is coming from the valve seat as I stated . There is no bubble on start up inside the radiator . It's a crack on the seat so I believe that's why no compression is lost .
No spill I watch it appear at that spot from the valve seat . It's strange but might be crappy valve work . It might be cut too deep on the valve seat, but it might be just crack . I'm taking the head off to see what's causing all this work . It's a small leak but I'm sure it's been doing this for a bit

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