For Sale 1991 FJ80 triple locked, reliable as a hammer $7500 in Oregon

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This 1991 FJ80 is like a member of the family and I am reluctantly putting her up for sale. I drive it once a week to work to keep the fluids moving, other than that it mostly just sits. I would hop in it right now and drive to Alaska without concern. Fresh 35" Cooper STT tires, 4.88 gears, Air lockers front and rear, ARB bumper and snorkel. It has had all of the weak spots repaired, mostly last winter. 182,000 miles. I'll try to remember the list...

Rebuilt front axle with new seals and piston in Air Locker, new Longfield axles and birfields, new bearings, brake disks, and pads, and Toyota selectable hubs. New Dobinson coil springs and shocks. New radiator. New water pump. New oil pan, side cover, timing cover, and valve cover gasket. Also adjusted valves. New radiator hoses and belts (also comes with a full set of spare belts) New O2 sensors. New LED headlights with LED fog/offroad lights. New steering damper. New window switch and motors in all doors along with new rubber. New power steering pump and pressure line. New mirrors. A/C recharged and it will give you an ice cream headache. New starter. Alternator has 20,000 miles on it or so, not new but you won't have to worry about it for another 5 years or so. All fluids changed to Mobil 1 full synthetic where applicable. Everything works with no leaks, even the sunroof! No rattles or weirdness, it just works and with the horse mat in the cargo area is surprisingly quiet. No check engine light or faults of any kind. For a 3-FE runs fantastic! She'll merge onto the freeway at 70mph no problem with the 4.88 gears. Speedo has been corrected and is exactly right at 63mph. Faster or slower it is off by a 2% or so, but close enough. I do have a new cable for it but never installed it. Sometimes on cold days the speedo needle bounces 5mph or so.

The only issues I can think of: The blower fan for the heater blows the hardest on #2 setting instead of #4 (HI). I think it's a relay. The steering column cover is missing. It rattled on washboard roads, so I took it off and promptly lost it. The rear drum brakes are due for a service soonish, but will still lock up the tires if you mash the fat pedal. Mechanically this thing is solid. Cosmetically it is scratched and scraped, dinged and nicked, worn and faded, but it's nice to have a rig you can actually use without fear of minor scratches and whatnot. Driver seat has the normal wear by the recline lever. Smog pump and EGR deleted. The paint isn't perfect. There are some rock chips on the nose of the hood, and brush scratches in the paint. It looks nice from ten feet away though!

Wax on by Elmer Fudd, on Flickr

Wax on by Elmer Fudd, on Flickr

Wax on by Elmer Fudd, on Flickr

1991 FJ80 by Elmer Fudd, on Flickr

Untitled by Elmer Fudd, on Flickr

I'll get some better pics when the sun is up.
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Here is a link to the rest of the photo album for detailed underbody shots and whatnot. There are no leaks anymore, however there is some grunge from previous leaks. I like to think of it as rust proofing.

Link to more pics- Elmer Fudd

If you purchase this vehicle you can have the joy of peeling this sticker off! Bonus!

More 80 by Elmer Fudd, on Flickr

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