Land Rover jump seats

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Jan 6, 2012
I love my factory jump seats. They make a cruiser a cruiser. I've tried to make mods to make it more capable off-road, yet still keep the cruiser character. But on the trail for a whole day, I really feel sorry for friends sitting in the jump seats. Unless your 3 feet tall they aren't comfortable and border line torture. So I got some discovery 2 jump seats.
Folded down the seat needs an anchor to latch to. So I gotta figure that out. Which I think I do, just gotta fab it. I sat in the seat, while mocking it up. I'm fairly tall and it's for sure a step up in comfort but not great for a tall guy . Someone in the 5'10" or less height will be much more comfortable. Which is fine, I don't like tall women anyway lol.
So the right side seat went pretty smooth. I then went to mock up the left and while at first glance it looked the same as the right but just mirrored-i found out it isn't. The bottom hoop/hinge is mounted in the middle of the seat and is shorter. I felt committed at this point though, so their is only one option then. That option is always cutting and grinding. Here is the left seat mounts modified to mimic the movement of the right seat. I moved the hoop to the edge, extended the length of the hoop. And lengthened the linkage parts.
Since the mounts are done I worked on changing the Seats to black. I used classic coat aerosol by SEM. Grey scotch brute was used to sand the leather. Once it cures for a day I will put the seat together and then start on the other one. Seems like it's a pretty durable coating. I was surprised to learn that pretty much all modern automotive leather seats are painted and not dyed. Makes me thing twice about putting leather conditioner on seats now.
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Black is mucho better..
Black is mucho better..
Thanks Mace. I thought about leaving just the part you sit on as tan so that its doesn't get so hot in the sun, but then I thought about how dirty people get out on the trail and camping and then with me working on stuff so its gonna be all black. If its really bad a towel or something can be put on the seat I guess.
Very cool idea................
Those looks awesome! What a great idea.
I was thinking of doing the same with these.

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