Keystone Cruisers Next Monthly Run is THIS Saturday 12/9

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Self-censoring my mud posts...
Oct 8, 2013
Yikes, time flies! Club run time again!

Anybody want to wheel this Saturday. I can make it.

Rausch Creek again. I'd like to meander down to the bottom of the South Property.


I could do breakfast!!!! Not cleared medically yet for a day of wheeling though...................

Been down to that end of the property quite a few times. Snakebite is a nice trail, three sections with an interesting off camber section in the middle part of it. Camelback is very tight for an 80 series and has some real off camber parts.

Years ago while at work on a Saturday I got a call from Steve Colavito. He and John Pulich were doing some winter wheeling in the south section, Steve in his 40 and John in what is now my 40 way back before it was sprung over and doubled. John had broken through some ice along the shoreline of one of the water holes and ruined his tie rod. Steve drove to my house, got a tie rod and some tools out of my garage, and drove back to Rausch where they replaced the tie rod on John's 40 and drove home.

The side hill trails like 22 and Cemetary are fun but less so if there is snow or ice on the ground. For those who are very adventurous (Andy for instance and maybe Greg with a new driveshaft) tombstone and Boothill are challenging. It's been awhile but I remember the trails around 21 being fun, too.
I was wondering about this. Thought we were skipping this month cause of holiday stuff. As of now I am in.
I'm in. Greg, bring your hiking boots. Waterproof ones. Maybe we walk some red trails and scope out lines to take on death trap and crawl daddy.
I like this breakfast idea!

Hey @shmukster I'm free on Sunday morning and can meet somewhere convenient to you, would love to see ya!

I think we need to start planning our yearly meeting/breakfast for sometime in January. Am I imagining it, or did we have our own room last year at Shady Maple? If not, I think we should arrange to do so this year.

Anybody want to volunteer to make arrangements? If not, I'll do it.
Thought we were skipping this month cause of holiday stuff

Nope, I think in the past three years or so, there has only been two, maybe three, club runs where nobody could make it. One of those was due to a blizzard.

Besides, the only Holiday I observe is this ;)
Thanks Greg you just reminded me to put in for vacation for Jan 21!!
We did not have our own room at shady, just a large table. There is a spot right down the road “Billy Burger” that does killer food, and I’m certain that given a date i could get a nice area for us with killer food, although time would be more “brunch” than breakfast. Another option would be Yoder’s which imo has better food and is open on sundays. Give me a head count and I’ll glady make a call to any place you guys choose.
If you guys are wheeling, breakfast could be at Buddy's log cabin in Pine Grove or in Minersville at Myrtle May's on the main street. I can do breakfast Saturday but not this Sunday.
Okay, let’s meet for breakfast and then wheel.

I was less than impressed with a dinner I had at Buddy’s, but would be willing to give breakfast a shot.

How about meeting at Buddy’s at 7:30?

Who’s in?

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