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Keystone Cruisers
Jun 9, 2003
Lancaster, PA
Without knowing it, Pacer asked a loaded question.

He asked for more details on my old '84 pickup. Well, it is more of a novel than a short story! Rather than pollute my Taco thread, I thought I would start a new one.

I have been into wheeling since about 1996. I had already owned a few Toyotas, but my offroading started when I had an invitation from my college roomate to attend the GSMTR at Tellico in 1996. I loved it so much that I didn't miss a GSMTR for the next 10 years!

You'll have to forgive the picture quality. Digital cameras were not what they are now.

Here is the truck I returned to Tellico with in 1997 - a '92 pickup.


Needless to say I realized quickly that with IFS and the long wheelbase I was quite limited.

That summer, I bobbed the bed -


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That fall, my uncle asked my if I would like to buy his old worn-out '84 extended cab pickup. The price was right at $400! My next project began. My original intent was to tear it down and use the parts for this "solid axle swap" I had seen on Jack Alford's truck at Tellico (I think he was one of the first SAS's).

Here is the truck the day I brought the '84 home -


I tore into it and soon decided to fix it up instead of scrapping it. I had the frame sand blasted and replaced all of the rusty sections.



I stripped, patched and repainted the cab -

I had heard about a company called Alcan Spring and was blown away by the pictures I had seen of suspension travel guys were getting with these springs! I bought a set. the rears were 5" longer than stock so I had to move the spring hangers and the fronts moved the front axle forward 1-1/2".

I bought a set of new 35" BFGs - a pretty beefy tire for the day!


I had read that the newer beds bolt up, so I tried it out. Sure enough, it was a piece of cake - all of of the mounts lined up! Now I had a rust-free bed for my truck.

This would have been the spring of '98.

I met a guy named Dan Schein who introduced me to some of the original Keystone Cruisers guys. There was a group of us who met regularly and wheeled at different spots around the coal region.

Dead Mountain near Palmerton. The Zinc factory fumes killed all vegetation and made the mountain like the surface of the moon!



Somewhere around 1999 we went to Paragon for the first time and were hooked! It was before it was a park - the owner Reid took us in to the camping area inside of the park where we would stay overnight.



Around this time I met the Bascombs and Allen D. - the Virginia crew. The rest is history! We spent many a GSMTR around the camp fire. I think I met them in GWNF. Check out Allen's gold 4runner!!

It was so long ago that Bob wasn't old, and Ryan and Matt were kids!


In January of 2000, I was asked by some web wheeling buddies to participate in the formation of the website. It was a pretty exciting website at the time, but it kind of fell to the wayside by the 2007 or so.

One of the first articles I wrote was on swapping a Toyota Supra straight 6 engine into this truck!
The article is still up - ORN - Supra 5M-GE Engine Swap

When I put the Supra engine in, I also swapped to a standard cab frame, installed an ARB front bumper and a rear ARB locker.




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Great thread Caz. You got talent brother.
This is one of the few side shots with the double bobbed bed -


I took the truck to 2000 GSMTR just a week after getting everything buttoned up. I had some idling issues on the trip and it was running hot on the trail.

I ran the truck on the trail with the hood off for the week.


Here are a few from CMCC '00



In 2001, I bought an '86 4runner and fell in love with it (more on that truck in the next post). I decided to move my wheeling platform to a 4runner body. I found a pretty sad looking '85 4runner that I dubbed the "easter egg".


I stripped it down, repainted it, and swapped everything over from the pickup. I sold the pickup frame and body to one of the Merkeys and someone assembled it into another truck.

I think it was at this time that I added dual cases - not quite sure! It was at this time that I added a winch to my bumper hole.

Here is the 4Runner while in-process -

Trimming the rear wheel wells


The beatified Supra engine

Pretty mean!!

Together at last!
Sometime in this same year I purchased a 1986 4runner to use as my daily driver. It had a bad engine, so I bought a junkyard engine with 80k miles, SAS'ed the truck, and drive it with 33s. This truck later made its way to California by way of Texas!

I SAS'ed it the old fashioned way - with the Toyota spring hangers. I cleaned up and refreshed the seals on the engine, added an LC Engeering header, etc.





The flat desert tan color was a departure from my traditional black, and I didn't end up caring much for it. I painted the truck black the following year - at least it was black for the GSMTR '02.

Look closely below and you will see the ever-elusive PUMPKIN! I think Jay K rode along with me at Tellico this year.

Trail 11


Lower 2 - Patrick and Sorren!


You want me to go UP THAT? Guard Rail - Tellico
Andy that's an awesome write-up!!
Andy is a hardcore MF'er! :clap:
Nice write up Andy; brings back memories

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