It's Alive!

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Jul 6, 2008
Mililani, Hawai`i, USA
After months of waiting for the repair shop to get the truck running mechanically because I lack the tools and someplace to work on my 60. It roared to life in defiance of all odds. Sure, there are tonnes of other things that need looking at, but I have a running cruiser now. Now first thing on the to do list from here on at home. A new hood and grille. :hillbilly::hillbilly::hillbilly:
Sorry, SouthCoast, but, I don't own a camera, so I don't have pictures. And needless to say, it is in a very dilapidated state. However, if it is pictures you want, it is pictures you can get. I'll call a friend who has a digital camera and see if I can get them posted for you.
Congrats! that has to be one of the most satisfying things when it starts up finally. I had one truck at a friends for same reason for over a year (low priority at time). Getting it going finally was awesome.

Keep working on it and you'll have a great truck. (EDIT - read your sig - you already have a great truck - now it runs!)


Or it was alive. Tried to start it up again today. Voltmeter was reading just over 12 volts, tried starting it and the start caught and was turning the engine, but no go. It just kept turning it intermittently. I'm thinking I might need to ditch the 660 CA car battery for something with a little more kick? Any suggestions?
I did a going over of the plugs, wires, and dizzy. The wires had rattled loose, so I just charged the batt, and she fired right up. Looks like this is going to be the start of a great relationship. :hillbilly:

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