If only there was a rear tire carrier thread...

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Jan 11, 2006
Mt Pleasant SC
Hey all,

It seems in the past few weeks thee have been a handful of rear tire carrier threads.... on the lift gate.... IPOR.... build your own corner mount.... I thought I would add one more.

One thing mentioned was access to the back of the truck. That said, which of the tire carriers allow you to lift the glass hatchback without swinging out the tire?
The factory undertruck one seems to work perfectly. ;)
On a serious note, if you don't have your 3rd row seats in, inside the truck seems best.
This'd be the route I'm going.

If I wasn't clear, the 80 has a rear tailgate that folds down and a glass hatchback that lifts (goes up). Which aftermarket rear bumper with tire carrier allows you to lift the hatchback (swing up) without swinging the tire carrier open? It seems alot of these carriers mount the tire high and close to the body. Given that tire size factors into this, just wondering if any of these rear bumpers with tire carriers (Luke's, IPOR, Slee, ABR, Kaymar...) have clearance to lift the hatchback without swinging the tire out? :rolleyes:
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I don't believe there's a rear bumper out there that can do this yet.
I made a comment in one of the threads about using like a prerunner style tire carrier that you'd have to fab yourself. It would need to hold your tire at a 30-45* angle so that when you swing your top up it misses the tire.
Measure your spare, then add 2" (1" to clear the bumper and 1" to clear the hatch). Now open your hatch as far as needed to be that distance away from the very rear edge of the bumper. How far does that put the bottom edge of the hatch from the body? Now add the width of the tire to that, plus a couple inches for the carrier. Do you feel comfortable with something hanging that far off the back of your rig?
I bet if you looked long and hard enough, you could find a set of ambulance/barn doors for an 80. Then you would have the factory carrier and no need to swing it out.
It's a compromise no matter how you look at it.
I salute anyone willing to try something different. Just know what you're getting yourself into.
Plus, how inconvenient is it really to have to swing out your tire before lifting the hatch?
Just thought of another possibility.
Convert the hatch to dual lift. Like the Explorer, IIRC. The hatch lifts as normal, but the glass also lifts seperately. You'd have to modify the rear wiper and come up with some sort of latch/lock mechanism, but it may make what you're trying to do a bit more feasible.
to my knowledge, there is no commercially available tire carrier/bumper that will allow for the upper hatch to be opened without swinging the tire out.
I did this in paint by combining 2 pics. That's why it's distorted and not quite the right angle. You can see that if you angle the carrier back that the top hatch should be able to swing open and miss the tire. THIS IS ONLY AN IDEA!!

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I kinda like that look. It has a long way to go to fit a 35" or bigger and still look right and function properly. But overall I think you might really be on to something. With the prerunner style, it doesn't look like it would impact departure angle too much. Rather ingenious!:clap:
WOW!! I finally got some credit. I've posted this a few times but no one responded so I figured I might as well do some work and come up with a picture. Thanks

You're right though about fitting a 35" tire but I'm sure it could be done.
to my knowledge, there is no commercially available tire carrier/bumper that will allow for the upper hatch to be opened without swinging the tire out.

I have been participating a bit on this one, as I would have a problem with the swingout at times, and putting the spare on top of the roof would be tough on some trails around here, with low hanging trees. Inside might be the best for me...

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