Idler Bracket - know where i can get a new one??

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Oct 22, 2008
Hey Guys,
I have a 90 4Runner with a 3.0L

The Idler bracket which is part of my timing cover has a pulley mount on it, which seems to have seized. I've been shopping around here in BC for one and Im having a hell of a time even finding one within hundreds of miles in a scrap yard.

New, they are rediculously expensive.

Apparently, this is a very common problem, hence, they are so hard to find in a scrap yard. So I figured I'd ask you guys. Is there somewhere I can get this thing? even used? without paying WAY to much??
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Is there any way you could press off the flange and just replace teh bearings? Most good auto parts stores will have a catalog that you can use to order teh exact bearing you need, specified by ID and OD . . . just a thought, 2 bearings would only run ~$10-20
cant press it off. the housing breaks.

Yup. The pulley in front won't let you get a good support point.

Common problem. Expensive to replace.
Try giving a call to Toy Connection in Santa Clara, Ca.

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