How to hook up these horns?

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Jun 20, 2007
Tuscaloosa, AL
Well, I was going to start the thread with "Me so...", but I figured that the subject of might thread might get confused... :)

I got some used Rav 4 horns from a later model (02 or so). I hoped to get them hooked up easily, but they don't have the same type connection. The Rav4 horns only have a single spade connection. So that begs the question... Can I use these on my LC? If so, how can I hook them up? If this connection a positive or negative?

You get the picture... Here's a pic of one of the Rav4 horns (you can barely see the single spade in there). Thanks in advance.

The single spade, most likely is the positive and the horn is the negative
Thanks for your quick response amigo.

Another question then... On the stock connectors, there are two wires, one with a white stripe... Is the wire with the white stripe the ground?
Not sure, but if you can get a cheap circuit tester, looks like an see trough ice pick with a wire. Connect the wire to the positive in the battery and with the tip of the tester touch the black/white wire connector. The light inside the tester should come on. If not then is the black. Don't worrry, worst case you'll blow a fuse.:cheers:
Just curious why you chose those horns, instead of, say, something that'll make Rav4 drivers poop in their pants ?
Hey Rob, did you do some price searching for those Hella's ? Where'd you pick 'em up? I think those are going on my rig, too.

Hey Spike -
i've found them from 50'ish (usually 10$ s/h) to 70'ish w/ free s/h. So the last set i got was 60-65 iirc, though they weren't the German ones like i hoped (newer made in india) - still sound awesome! 118db of get the hella outa my way. (yes i'm a dork)

Here's a set at 51 - check s/h to see if reasonable. - Hella 003399801 : Supertone Horn Kit


Thanks! Got 'em.
Yeah, I got them b/c they were $20 shipped and my old horns on the cruiser were dying (and I'd hoped they were plug and play)... I'll let you know how they sound after they are hooked up. It sucks having someone cut you off and having some weak horns. :doh:

I'll try hook up the single spade as a positive and then wire the negative to the body of the horn. Let you know what happens!
It sucks having someone cut you off and having some weak horns. :doh:

been there! I've found good bright high beams are typically a gentle reminder they are :mad:a$$holes:mad:, but doesn't help when coming into your lane while still occupied! Highly recommend the IPF or Cibie H4's.



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