How loud would it really be?

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Feb 15, 2007
Santa Rosa, CA
im thinken about tearing out all mu carpet.

i would probly line it (more than likely a diy liner) and the fenders and below the body contour line also. then put in some of that rubbery padding stuff (you can get it a pep boys or kragen(checkers)

I know every ones level of deffness is different but, i used to drive my ex-samurai with or with out top on the freeway an hour or two to the trails (with no music after the first trip) and that wasn't that bad.

so any body with open air vehicle experiance and a de carpeted 60 wanna chime in with there compairison?
I tore out my carpet and drove for a month before I started on my engine swap and it wasn't bad at all. This was with no liner at the time. You can actually take out the cruiser carpet pretty easily so I'd say rip it out and see if it's acceptable for you or not. Floor mats of some kind are nice to trap some of the dirt.
I had an '84 with no carpet or padding, and no headliner. The floors were lined with 1/4" rubber matting. It was VERY LOUD inside. Forget about conversation on the highway. I used generic speaker carpeting and spray-on adhesive to carpet the headliner. That made it better- but it was still much louder than stock. Conider that unlike a drop top, inside your 60 there is a lot of glass and surface area to amplify and reverberate soundwaves. -M.
tore out the carpet, line-xed the entire floor and wells. the sound doesn't bother me much at all and looks a hell of a lot better than dirty carpet.
sounds good. so lets see what any body has doen with rear seat back
I just painted mine to go with an interior sceme I'm working towards. You could always line it with the same stuff you do your floors with.

that looks pretty sharp, plus i was thinking the seat back might make a goos place for a rifle rack cause then it'a more accessable for me when the seats folded:hillbilly:

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