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Feb 21, 2008
got a 97 7.3 litre power stroke engine and automatic transmission. would like to know if anyone has put one into a 71 fj40 and if so what problems or advice could i get
Jan 21, 2005
Pitt Meadows,BC
Sorry, no useful info from me on this, but x3 for pics and a progress report!
That's a damn big engine/tranny combo for a fj40. If it has been done before, you're probably one of a select few.

Good luck!
Sep 29, 2005
Wow, I had just enough room to wiggle my 4 cylinder Perkins in there, don't know how you're gonna fit a large V8. Not to mention the dual batteries. At least it doesn't have an inner cooler to deal with. I can't imagine the computer, and all the electricals to go with it will be easy to deal with either.

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Sep 13, 2004
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Holy how long is that? I know that if one put the 1HD-T in a 40 there rear driveshaft would be damn short like not functional might have to move the rear axle back quite a bit. The 1HD-T combo with auto and tcase is roughly 76 inches long from ballancer to output flange. And a 40 wheelbase is about 90 inches.
Feb 20, 2006
Holy how long is that? I know that if one put the 1HD-T in a 40 there rear driveshaft would be damn short like not functional might have to move the rear axle back quite a bit. The 1HD-T combo with auto and tcase is roughly 76 inches long from ballancer to output flange. And a 40 wheelbase is about 90 inches.
Good point, you might look at 1 ton axles, moving the rear axle way back, cutting the rear fender openings, and maybe going to a four link or 80 suspension as the leafs wont have anywhere to connect too. i dont know how much room the engine compartment will have, you might want to get a tape measure and start there, you can always lift the body for a bit of clearance, or a hood scoop to help clear things or mount the batteries or even rad in the rear of it if its going to be a mudder.


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Apr 4, 2003
I'm pretty sure that this engine are over the 1k pounds .. but I wann see if you can put in the BJ .. ( ready to cut the firewall ) ask to Redstang he have a F350 and it's pretty knowledgeable in those engines ..
Jun 19, 2006
Panama City, Panama
Make sure the 7.3 and tranny are in good running order before atempting any swap.

The powerstroke is a computer controlled engine, and you will need the entire wiring harness from the doner truck to make it work.
The trans is also computer controlled and requieres a speed sensor found in the rear axle to work properly. BTW powerstroke inyectors run about $800 to $1000 each, So make sure it runs good.

I've done 2 7.3 diesel swaps before, but they have been idi non computer engines, as well as manual tranny deals.
Honestly I wouldn't even try to do a powerstroke swap because of the wiring nightmare, and we always ditch the auto tranny cause they are usually blown up anyways when we pull the engines from the doner.

Now you may be smarter , more patient, and way luckier than me, so I will not discourage you on wiring alone. But consider that the engine + trans combo should weigh at least 1200 to 1500 pounds. You will have to use ford truck leaf springs to even atempt a swap. The engine alone will bottom out toyota springs.
We swapped a 7.3 idi into an M37, and bottomed out the springs by the end of the first trail. We had leafsprings made with twice as many leafs to handle the weight.

BTW, the 7.3 is HUGE. on the M37 we cut the firewall and moved it back 8 inches. We also had to raise the tunnel hump about the same amount. So half the engine is basically in the cab. It is loud and Hot, trust me on this.

Also consider that the crankcase is also Huge. We needed to notch the side of the crankcase to clear the driveshaft.
Ford auto trannies are really long. We used a clark 285 tranny because its a manual and its short.
You may need to run a divorced transfer case to use toy axles. Otherwise all ford transfercases are drive side drop.
Or you may want to run ford 1 ton axles.

You will need to stretch the wheelbase by alot.
Horsepower wise is really sick. It has more torque at idle than the gasser has at full power. You'll find it really needs alot less gear with the big v8 diesel.

If you really want a v8 diesel, the most straight forward swap for a fj40 would be a 6.2 GM diesel.
Although not my favorite engine, cause they blow up, at least well worn ones do. The bolt up directly to Small block chevy adapters for LC tranny.

So it would be as simple as a small block chevy swap, but with less wiring.

Just my 2 cents, Hope this helps.
I can get some pictures if you want of the 7.3 swap to the m37.
Let me know.

Mar 11, 2009
North Shore, British Columbia, Canada.
THAT IS VERY AGRESSIVE, I like your style although I would be a bit concerned with frame twist from heavy torque & extreme heavy weight of engine, better beaf the shiznam out of your frame & start some serious mathmatical calculations. I wonder if you can do it only installing the engine once, nahhh forget about it.

Good luck
Jan 18, 2006
Michigan/Costa Rica
A few months ago, I weighed a 7.3 PS and, IIRC it was over 1200 lbs without starter and turbo. It did include the flywheel.

It is a relatively complex engine. The injection is sort of a hybrid between current day fuel rail and unit injection. It definitely requires the ecu and associated wiring to make it work. The basic injection system is quite reliable although there were some reliablility problems with an exhaust back pressure valve that blocked exhaust flow to allow for quicker warm ups. Lot of the 7.3 owners just remove the valve.

The 7.3 has a much better reputation than the 6.0 PS that replaced it.


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Feb 10, 2004
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i just got rid of my 7.3 powersmoke due to the cost of keeping the elec alive.
i would not recommend it. WICKED power, good fuel economy but HUGE $$$$ to keep alive.
your stock diffs will never stand up, the frame will twist and i am guessing a lift and a nose job to make it work.

post up pics.

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