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Apr 29, 2012
Lexington, NC
1979 FJ40. My headlights are not working but other lights are. I could have hit something while working under the dash and speedometer. Or in the engine compartment carburetor area as well as radiator wiring or hose area. It’s been keeping me busy. Now this!!

Seems specific to just the headlights.
Have you checked the headlight switch. Sometimes the switch make the headlights glitch out.
Check the fuse and fuse holder in the fuse box. My fuses and box get corroded at the contact periodically, so I move the fuse back and forth or clean it properly.
Check for ground gremlins, too.
I would check the plug that goes to the steering wheel for the high/low beams. Pull the turn signal handle towards you and see if the high beams come on. Without checking wiring diagrams not sure if the headlights have their own circuit in the head light switch. Older ones didn't and only headlights not working would be further in the circuit then the switch.
Thanks for the info. I was hoping for something more concrete though. I don’t know much about wiring in a car. Since it’s just the headlights, wouldn’t that narrow it down some? High beams don’t work either.

New switches aren’t available, are they?
On the 79 there should be a separate fuse to head lights.
My 1/79 fuse block is number 5 down from top. 15 amp.
Start there first.

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