1. Outono

    Wanted  80 Series Aussie Quad Headlights

    Looking for a pair of Aussie style OEM quad headlamps in good condition for the 80 series. Im based in SoCal.
  2. D

    Fixing headlight adjustments fzj80 & fj80

    Hi guys, I have two videos on how to fix headlight adjustments on a fzj80 & fj80. Total cost is less than $15 with basic tools. I hope this helps you save your oem headlights and save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs...
  3. LivEviL

    New 2011 LX570 issues

    Greetings from a reformed Jeep lifer. Just took arrival of my 2011 LX570, 111,000 miles, yesterday. The wife and I are excited to turn this into an Overlander. I bought it over the internet from a Chevy dealer and have some concerns. When I received it from the driver (Madison, NC to...
  4. LivEviL

    New 570 to build

    Greetings from a reformed Jeep lifer. Just took arrival of my 2011 LX570, 111,000 miles, yesterday. The wife and I are excited to turn this into an Overlander. I bought it over the internet from a Chevy dealer and have some concerns. When I received it from the driver (Madison, NC to...
  5. Grimmjow

    Headlights - Can We Make a Definative Guide/Thread?

    Ok, I've done my due diligence and searched the forum, but most the threads I found are outdated or don't provide all the info needed. I need a new set of lamps, housing and all. I'm not looking for a retrofit or how much of a tan I can get by standing in front of them. Just a solid plug-n-play...
  6. mrq

    Need Help Choosing Headlight Bulbs — Have A Few Q’s...

    Hi, all! I need headlight bulbs for my ‘94. Mine are old and not very bright. Is there a max lumen count I should stay under in order to prevent overheating and melting of the wiring harness? I found these on Amazon and I was thinking about getting them. Would one of you be able to help me...
  7. ClaysFJ55

    My 75' FJ55

    Hello everyone I recently acquired an Iron Pig, 1975 FJ55, in Central America. Truck is in relatively good shape considering its age and environment. This is my first Land Cruiser and I'm super stoked to finally be apart of this elite club of LC owners and enthusiast. That being said, I'm...
  8. P

    H11 Low/Hi Beam Replacements for 2009- Anything decent out there?

    I have a new to me 2009 LC and have used the search feature. Goal is to get whiter and brighter with no major mods. Is there a plug and play set many are using for 2008-2011 models? Halogen- yes, you can get whiter halogens, but they are not as bright and don’t last as long - based on what I...
  9. ikellymo

    For Sale  San Francisco Bay: 4.1 Rear Diff, LX470 Headlight parts, 3rd Row seats.

    I just finished a handful of projects on my 2003 LX470 and have too many parts in the garage. Make an offer if it could be useful to you, I need the space. Namely: Rear differential. 4.1 gearing, most likely 220k miles, excellent condition. Its available because I rebuilt the front and...
  10. S

    Wanted  Headlights for 2006 LX470

    Looking for a clean set of OEM headlights for my 06 LX. Mine have seen better days...
  11. J

    Custom LED headlight conversion for FJ62

    Anyone have experience with this conversion? Just looking for solutions.
  12. offroadvegan

    Just installed my Depos

    Install was pretty straightforward. My wife bought me them for my birthday (thanks, honey!) . These are the pre-wired ones off eBay. Two issues: 1. One of my bolt holes that retain the headlight to the core support somehow stripped. It came out clean, but kept popping back out. I drilled it...
  13. Ramayo84

    lets see those LEDs!!!

    looking to change my headlight/ turn signals/ side markers/ and tail lights all to LEDs. post your pics if you have LEDs installed , I'd like to see how it looks before I make the switch! thanks!
  14. G

    2012 GX460 Premium HeadLights

    Hello All, I just got a 2012 GX 460 Premium and am having a unique issue with which I hope someone here could help. We recently took the car on several holiday road trips, I noticed that the headlights are pointed very low. I can only get about 50-75 feet of illumination on dark highways. I...
  15. Darb

    96 highbeam headlights are inop

    So if I push my headlight/turnsignal switch forward for high beam headlights it goes into high position but the headlights stay on lowbeam. if I pull the headlight turn signal switch away from the dash and towards the drivers seat inwards like if I was going from high to low beam and pull it...
  16. HardCase


    1979 FJ40. My headlights are not working but other lights are. I could have hit something while working under the dash and speedometer. Or in the engine compartment carburetor area as well as radiator wiring or hose area. It’s been keeping me busy. Now this!! Seems specific to just the headlights.
  17. 96TrailSurfer

    HID Upgrade - How to Select Halo Size

    With the BF sales, I decided to finally upgrade headlights on my 3rd gen Surf (4Runner). Here is what I'll be getting: 1. Morimoto D2S Mini Stage III - it has a lens diameter of 78 mm and overall housing width of 102 mm. 2. On top of this I plan to use the Panamera shroud, which as an outer...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Master Switch under Steer Wheel: Lights, blinkers, cruiser ctrl

    SoCal For NON airbag models. Complete switch with loom, easily replaces your master switch by removing steering wheel and 4 screws. You know you need it when your brights don't work, or won't shut off, your turn signals are not getting power at the dash board side, or everything else in your...
  19. TwelveGravity

    SOLD  [CA] 1999 Tacoma OEM Headlights. Brand new. DELETE

    I have a set of brand new headlights for a 1999 Toyota Tacoma. They came with my 01 Tacoma when I bought it but was given the wrong ones and could not return them to the dealership. They are OEM Toyota and the P# is listed in the pictures for both Right & Left so please check that they are the...
  20. H

    HDJ81 headlights: OEM to DEPO

    I just purchased a set of DEPO glass lens headlights for our HDJ81 (Right hand drive) Land Cruiser to replace the original OEM headlights that are designed for right hand driving in Japan. Since I am in the states, we were getting flashed by other oncoming cars about 25% of the time and it was...
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