1. Karl Andersson

    SOLD  80 Series Headlight Upgrade - DEPO's LED mini Projectors, LX450 Corner lights

    DEPO glass housings LX450 corner lights (OEM) mini LED projector low beams (H4) LED high beams (H1) $300 + Shipping for headlights $350 + Shipping for headlights and corners Need these gone, I will accept reasonable offers. Will fit all 80 series 91-97, however you will need the wiring...
  2. C

    Headlight issue...

    Hi all, So I've searched around and have not found much on the forums. I have an 05 LX470. I see that there is a DRL resistor in the engine bay, so it either was a late 05 model that got it from factory, or it got the TSB done. The high beams haven't worked since I got the car, I...
  3. P

    Headlight Assembly Replacement

    Anybody try these...
  4. Flow Master

    Headlight housing replacement

    Thinking about getting these. &gdpr=$"]HEADLIGHTS For 2008-2015 Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Headlights LED PROJECTOR | eBay -...
  5. B

    1979 BJ40 CDN 24Volt Evil tap headlight issue

    I have a new to me BJ40 with a very dim headlight on the passenger side. I fixed a broken wire to a non operational turn indicator bulb in the cluster and replaced all the battery cables with 0aught. That resulted in a working indicator in the cluster but now the high beam indicator stays on at...
  6. desertwampa

    Headlight screw

    I wanna raise my low beams up a little bit. From the picture attached I'm assuming bolt C is the one I need to adjust. How the hell can I access that screw without having to take out the entire housing? it's very close to the metal mount behind it and just not seeing an obvious solution.
  7. G

    Light/High Beam Dashboard Indicator

    i tried looking around the forums for this, maybe someone can direct me, but the summary of the issue is none of the front headlights on and high beam indicators on the dashboard show up. The lights do work just fine, just the indicators not showing up on the dashboard. Any ideas how to debug...
  8. Kschep

    Headlight juice

    I drove my 40 for the first time at night in a long long while and my headlights are just too weak. Like so weak I’m wondering if they are getting enough electrical juice as I have been working on wiring issues for a while now but though I had rounded it out. Anyways any suggestions? Other than...
  9. TexLexican

    SOLD  100 series FR lamp assembly

    Was gifted a part I don’t need so just pay the shipping.
  10. W03DY

    Different glass lenses for 98-04 models

    I’ve noticed a lot of your cruisers from the US and even the middle-east have really clear glass lenses compared to the ones we get here in Australia. They look a lot better. Wondering if they have a different part number so I can get a pair. Thanks
  11. lasershow365

    Headlights are interchangeable

    According to this video, the round and rectangular headlights are actually interchangeable. Kind of cool because I really prefer the round ones, but don't want the 1958 and not sure I can snag a first edition.
  12. B

    SOLD  [Aus/USA] Quad Headlight Conversion - 80 Series

    Hi all, I usually sell through the Toyota 80 Series USA FB page, however have had many people suggest I post on mud too. I sell quad headlight conversions and other international market parts to USA customers, and am based in Australia. I have two sets as pictured below currently for sale...
  13. Flow Master

    Headlight question for my 09 LC

    Is it possible to replace just the clear cover on the front headlight housing? Mine are pretty scratched up and I was looking for whole assembly units but man are they pricey. While looking, I came across just lens covers on Alliexpress.,I have only ordered from them once for my running boards...
  14. truckfighter

    1980 FJ40 Headlight wiring and replacement advice needed

    The headlights on my truck are pretty awful, and I'm trying to figure out how best to go about making it safer to drive at night. I have my eyes on the City Racer LED lights, as well as the KOITO 8110-60P70 Kit - I don't have a preference for either, so long as I can see adequately at night and...
  15. M

    Wanted  1999 LC passenger side front fender, headlight, turn signal, bumper cover near Pittsburgh PA

    I had an unfortunate incident with my own retaining wall. I need the passenger side lights along with a passenger fender and bumper cover. Ideally already the mica grey/green color so I don’t have to paint them but beggars can’t be choosers. Hoping someone mounting front armor may have a...
  16. J

    FJ 40 Headlight switch Question

    Hi, The headlight switch on my 1974 FJ is not working. I have confirmed that there is power coming to the switch through the harness. I also took the switch apart and cleaned everything as best I could. The truck has had an adventurous life in a ranch in Oklahoma..... There was mud in the...
  17. M

    Hit a retaining wall but selling my 100, best repair option?

    I had an unfortunate incident with an aggressive driver and my own retaining wall in my 1999 LC. I’m curious what the most cost effective repair option would be. I noticed the ‘03 and newer bumper cover, integrated headlights and fill panel are cheaper. Should I convert? Anything else needed...
  18. shmukster

    For Sale  PA FJ55 grille and headlight surrounds

    Cleaning out the rafters in my garage and came across a grille and a pair of headlight surrounds. Price $150 buyer pays postage. best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast
  19. V

    New LED headlight- no high beam

    Hey All. Recently installed some headlight housings from landcruisergrilles on my ‘99 and they look sharp. Picked up some 7 inch LEDs from Uni-Shine on the Amazon, got them in, connected with the pigtails that came with the housings and ……driver side high beam won’t light up. I know it’s not a...
  20. ronnunan

    Headlight set for sale LX470

    Pulled off my 2007 LX470 because of a broken drivers side projector and adjustment rod. These were taken off my 2007 but are glass headlights. I replaced with OEM glass new. The drivers side is loose and points downward. Good candidates for someone wanting to do a projector project without...
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