1. GoNoles

    For Sale 91 Fj80 Headlight assembly pair + grill

    Selling pair of headlights and grill from a 91 fj80. The grill has some paint chips and is slightly bent at the bottom. Headlights have tabs intact, but some green paint overspray on the chrome. Would like to sell as set $160 + shipping
  2. D

    For Sale 80 Series Drivers Side Headlight

    80 Series headlight assembly. Everything is good except one of the tabs was glued back in place. $85 shipped located in Brandon Ms
  3. R

    For Sale 100 series stock headlight (missing passenger side main body)

    $150 OBO + shipping CONUS only Paypal, venmo is cool Bought the truck with a broken passenger headlight and replaced with depo units just have these around thought I'd put them up here.
  4. tlaporte

    Headlight relay upgrade issue

    I ordered the headlight relay upgrade @beno posted in the Unobtainium thread last fall. I’m doing the installation right now, and the way the harness is set up and how my truck’s wiring is, I was trying to go off of the B+ terminal of the alternator, rather than direct off of the battery...
  5. S

    For Sale AR - OEM Front End Light Housings (Great shape)

    Hey guys upgraded my headlights and fog lights on my 2003 over the weekend. All original OEM and in great shape. Below are the prices. Let me know if interested as they are negotiable. Headlight Housing - $125 per (2) - pictured Fog Light Housing - $50 per (2) Turn Signal Driver Side - $50 (1)...
  6. itschrismck

    Headlights won’t turn off

    2007 fj 100 - my headlights are off when the car is on no matter what is dialed in on the switch (on off drl), once I turn the car off the headlights come on and stay on. The switch will not turn them off nor will the remote.I have a leak on the drivers side foot well dead pedal and we just had...
  7. Kernalife

    Wanted 100 Series Driver Headlight and Driver Corner Light

    All, So just picked up a project car and the guy hit a deer so in order for me to pass inspection I need the above. I will pay for shipping no problem, please let me know what you have. The headlight glass isn't broken, just the black housing. Anyone know a better way to just replace the...
  8. S

    Wanted Headlights for 2006 LX470

    Looking for a clean set of OEM headlights for my 06 LX. Mine have seen better days...
  9. Sowbug2000

    Headlight Upgrade Help! 2003 Land Cruiser

    Yes, I have searched and searched and searched the forum...and I haven't found an option that seems to work for me (that I can understand anyway). I don't do many MODs as I'm not mechanically inclined or afraid to screw up my truck! BASICALLY, I'm looking for a headlight...
  10. SteveH

    For Sale CO: 1993 FJZ-80 pass. headlight assembly

    Price lowered - Right side (passengers) headlight assembly for 1993 Land Cruiser FJZ-80. Glass is perfect and clear (a few tiny speck-sized pits, but no chips). Reflector is bright. Has bulbs. The critical 3 mounting points are good, but one plastic piece is broken (see photo). Not sure if this...
  11. F80FJ

    Wanted 80 Series drivers side headlight

    Hi- I’m looking for a drivers side headlight for my 1995 Land Cruiser. Thanks!
  12. JayS80

    Head Light Upgrade

    Does anyone have any experience with these headlights? I would like to find a pair if someone can validate their quiality. Thanks for the help
  13. Gxme200

    Xenon Bulbs to Leds

    Ηειιο all. Recently, I upgraded my land cruiser 2010 headlights to 2013 headlights. The one with Projector Low beams. I got into a problem of not having the OEM ballasts for the xenon bulbs. And the ones available are fairly expensive in my country. My question is, instead of using xenon...
  14. lahunter

    Complete front and rear light Assembly for 99 100 series

    Hello All, My question is who has purchased a complete assembly for their headlight/tail light upgrade, how do you like it, and what is the name of the company you purchased it from. i am looking for plug and play kits that fit factory. and yes.....I have searched the forums for over an hour...
  15. Chachi254

    RPM’s rise significantly after turning headlights on

    Hi everyone, Today, while on the interstate, I was cruising along at 65-70mph and my RPMs were hovering around 2500-2600 or so. It started to get darker so I turned on my headlights and my RPMs immediately jumped up 200-300. I then turned off my headlights to see if my RPM’s would drop, and...
  16. K

    Wanted LX450 Right Hand (Passenger) Headlight

    My right hand (passenger) headlight was stolen off of my LX450 a while ago and I need a replacement. Please let me know if you have one.
  17. dubyahard

    For Sale Driver side (LH) Headlamp assembly w/ amber side marker

    I'm selling an OEM left hand headlamp assembly with amber side marker. The glass has a hole, smaller than a BB. All the tabs are intact and the adjusters are functioning. $35 plus shipping or local pickup in Portland area.
  18. Zach R

    2004 Tundra Headlight Struggle

    Hey guys, i have a 2004 Double Cab Tundra and i was looking for some aftermarket headlights but couldn't find any that fit this year and model truck. anyone else had any luck or have any suggestions?
  19. fjryan

    Headlight Electrical Mystery LX470

    Whilst leaving work the other night, I noticed that it was pretty dark in front of my 2003 LX470. I pulled back into a parking spot and found that both low beam headlights were not working. High beams worked fine and daytime running lights were good. I popped the hood to wiggle some wires and...
  20. Darb

    For Sale Fj40 headlight mount can

    Fj40 headlamp mount can for sale in excellent condition.
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