1. CUSailor

    Transfer Shifter Misalignment issues

    Well, I'm hopefully on the home stretch of getting this thing back together ('79 FJ40) and ran into a curious snag. When putting the transfer case shifter back in I thought it was pretty straight forward. There's only one way it can mount and it seemed to be a natural fit. My probelm though is...
  2. D

    Help with Pro car seats on a 1979 BJ40

    So I have the seats but the 81590 brackets are back ordered until November. Has anyone installed these seats with out the procar brackets? The seats I have are the 80-1600-62 PROCAR RAVE SERIES 1600. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. CUSailor

    79 FJ40 - Replacing Ignitor System

    7/79 FJ40 I'm going through and replacing the wiring harness and decided I wanted to do something about the ignitor. This thing looks like it's ready to fail at any moment and after pricing out new ones I didn't like what I saw. What would y'all recommend as a replacement system? I have read...
  4. CUSailor

    79 FJ40 - Removing Emissions System

    This is for a 7/79' FJ40 There is a full network of vacuum hoses, most of which aren't connected to anything, the rest of which seem to connect to various parts of the defunct emissions system. I don't believe that the emissions system is functioning, the smog pump has no hoses coming to or...
  5. D

    1979 FJ40 OEM Radiator Needed

    I won a '79 FJ40 Land Cruiser at auction that is being hauled up Tuesday so I haven't seen it yet. It has a radiator overflow nipple leak that sprays everywhere. The truck has a factory oil cooler & power steering but no A/C. I'd rather replace the entire radiator with a new OEM unit but will...
  6. modeststeve

    SOLD Fully Rebuilt B-Engine (California)

    Hi there, Recently rebuilt my Toyota B engine, and ended up getting a sponsorship from Cummins. www.CleanCruiserProject.com The rebuild has roughly 700 miles on it. What I've done (All parts sourced from Engine Australia): New head Reseleaved (Not just honed) New Cam Reground Crank 1mm...
  7. L

    For Sale 1979 fj40 for sale in Colorado. V8 hard top

    Hey everyone. New here and looking to part with my 1979 fj40 land cruiser. Original blue paint interior has everything (dash pad rear heater jump seats in great condition.) front seats are pretty torn and there's rust In the usual, late 70s early 80s 40 series, places. Drives floor pan rust is...
  8. HardCase


    1979 FJ40. My headlights are not working but other lights are. I could have hit something while working under the dash and speedometer. Or in the engine compartment carburetor area as well as radiator wiring or hose area. It’s been keeping me busy. Now this!! Seems specific to just the headlights.
  9. graham5david

    craigslist 1979 fj40

    '78 FJ 40 Land Cruiser, all original, runs good saw this in town today. Thought you guys might be interested.
  10. sigorama

    Parting Out 1979 FJ40 Parts (and and handful of parts from various other years)

    I am finishing the part out on a 1979 FJ40. I do have some other parts in the mix from other years, but most of it is off a 1979. Please PM me for pricing. If possible, please also shoot me a link to the photo of the part in question, like this, so I know which one you're referring to. Items...
  11. M

    Wanted I need a fj40 1979 choke cable

    Hi, 1979 fj40 choke cable needed. Thanks, Mike
  12. math

    1979 Toyota Pickup - millennial edition - older than I am. Tell me all about it.

    Just bought this '79 Toyota pickup: Background: I blew up our '97 Land Cruiser's engine. It turns out that our oil pressure gauge actually wasn't dead, we were actually getting no oil pressure. Still managed to drive it 7000+ miles before I developed a severe rod knock. That should tell you...
  13. R

    Wanted 1979 FJ40 throttle linkage

    Need complete except pedal. Part that mounts on firewall Linkage to pedal Linkage to carburetor Bracket that mounts to carburetor base Throttle shaft from firewall to carburetor Springs (if available) Thanks
  14. JulianJ

    1979 Refresh

    Hello, I recently picked up my first Land Cruiser and I am excited to learn about these beasts and get things going! Thought I would share how I picked it up. This Cruiser had been parked for at least 5 years outside near my house. The first time I saw it I had no idea what it was. This got...
  15. overton

    Wanted 1979 / 1980 FJ40 Center Console

    Looking for a center console for my 1979 FJ40 - This is just the simple plastic unit held in by 4 screws. Please email overton@aol.com with a pic. Thanks! Greg
  16. tstepp920

    Wanted Fuel Sending Unit Access Panel

    I need this access panel located directly behind the seats. Mine is pitted badly. This panel provides access to the fuel sending unit in the fuel tank. 1979 and newer would have these.
  17. Jules

    1979 BJ40 - Engine Revs, gears can be selected, but car wont move

    HI All I was driving along a motorway at 80kph on Friday when the car stopped accelerating... it just revved and nothing more. I pulled over, stopped the car, put it in 1st gear... the same thing. The engine revved, but no momentum. Same in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Reverse. Tried in 2H and 2L and...
  18. davework

    Wanted Choke Cable Later FJ40 for a 1979

    Looking for a clean choke cable for my 1979 FJ40. Have the knob, so also open to buying just the body and cable if someone has one missing a knob. Needs to be in good condition. PM or post me with what you have, pic, and price. Thanks
  19. gocards1177

    For Sale 1979 in Austin

    Not mine. Beautiful 1979 Toyota FJ40 Land cruiser Classic
  20. Wadesters

    1979 2F Fj40 replacing clutch any reccomended vendor for a new kit?

    Lots of kits out there just wondering others experiences / advice with the different kits. Thank you.
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