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Sep 17, 2013
Boise Idaho
I’m working on a project and I discovered I have too many links saved in my favorites of "good things to know" and it's getting to the point I can’t find what I'm looking for anymore.

I’m deleting some of the ones that are no longer useful to me but thought I would post the ones that might be useful to you guys here.

Determine how much longer to make the spring shackles to prevent them from hitting the frame under full compression; Cheap Suspension Test Ramp

Tie Soft Shackle; Soft Shackle (Stronger)

Theft tracking device; RMTracking: Automobiles GPS Tracking Devices | Car & Vehicle GPS Tracker

Program the Baofeng radio; CHIRP Programming - Miklor

I talked to this company a few years ago about making rubber window gaskets, might be a good resource for a few of you guys looking to get no longer available gaskets. About Us

I found what I was looking for so I’ve moved on but if I stumble on something else I’ll post it here or feel free to post something you think might be useful to others here.
Hey, don't get rid of that radio programming link. I want to buy a 2 meter radio, non hand held and you need to set me up. Next Pig Party.

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