Front Lower Heater Flap

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Jul 30, 2017
Bellevue, WA
Hi, I have a '74 FJ40 and recently acquired the missing heater duct from the fan to the heater core. I now have heat which is fantastic since we live in Seattle however when the fan is on high, the lower flap on the heater core will not stay closed and I do not get proper air flow to the windshield. Is there an adjustment which can be made? Thanks so much for all your comments and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eric
The flap is controlled by the heater control lever, and should be closed (flap up) in the defrost position. There are various linkage bits that can get lost, bent, or not reassembled correctly. Check for a diagram (I think). You can temporarily jam a block of wood or cardboard box under the flap to hold it shut until you figure this out. If it's really dorked up, you may need to remove the heater box and do all this on a workbench until you get it tuned to work as it should.

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