1. fb67k1

    Wanted  1978 FJ40 Front Heater Assembly Part

    Looking for either the white plastic washer or the entire rod that attaches to the front heater manual selector as indicated in the attached image. Any info will be much appreciated.
  2. Bambusiero

    Front Differential Oil Capacity

    FYI - Documenting what I couldn't exactly find a number for. Just changed the front diff oil after 6 1/2 years and 35k miles of mostly low stress road use. Measured the drain out - right at 4 quarts of nice thick dark gray/green iridescent diff soup. I'd say it was about like a melted...
  3. sunrk

    Corrent P/N's for non-power-window grey trim armrest pads

    I'm trying to find out the correct part numbers for the non-power-window armrest pads for the front and rear doors (in grey). Toyodiy lists the wrong numbers - it's showing 74210-89106-13 for both the left and the right side (not possible as they are mirror-image of each other) and the same for...
  4. sunrk

    Corrent orientation for front tailshaft - slip joint to diff or transfer ?

    Is anyone aware of the Toyota spec for which way around a front tailshaft should be fitted? My front shaft was fitted the same as for the rear shaft (slip joint at the transfer case end just like with the rear tailshaft) but it's a part-time 4wd 80 also. Not sure if part-time vs full-time has...
  5. jurassic cruiser

    For Sale  $300 no rips or tears front seats from 1991 jdm 80 series will fit US spec first gen 80 series

    I got these seats in my 1991 hdj81 - Japanese spec 80 series diesel. They are pretty clean although there are a few stains on the passenger seat. the driver seat has electric lumbar and manual adjustable side bolster. Also you can manually adjust the seat angle and the head rest angle. The...
  6. jpoole

    For Sale  FZJ80 Front Axle Housing, unlocked, Chattanooga TN

    Later FZJ80, straight and solid unlocked axle housing available. Can include knuckles, relay rod and a few other bits and pieces still on the housing. Does not include shafts or birfields. Have third with carrier but without ring and pinion. Ideally can sell this to a local to avoid the...
  7. anothernord

    For Sale  CO: inner fender/ wheel well set FZJ80

    Pulled from a green 93 (12/1992) FZJ80, but should fit onto trucks up to 1997. In good condition with on bit of rust on the passenger side. Mostly need just need a bit of cleaning. Located in Fort Collins $50 for the pair. Thanks for looking! Rust:
  8. peggyfzj80

    SOLD  1997 Land Cruiser Front Mud Flaps

    $50 plus shipping. These things are in amazing condition. I bought them new, in packaging, a few months ago. I'm putting sliders on. So, the flaps have to go. Perfect condition!
  9. sunrk

    Big lateral play in front tailshaft - considering options

    Got a lot of lateral play in the front tailshaft. Enough that it clunks badly going over bumps on the road and tomorrow or the next day I'm actually going to remove it and have it looked at. It's a std one. I've seen references to getting a double-cardan front shaft but honestly is that of any...
  10. sunrk

    Std rubber vs SS braided teflon front caliper flexible brake lines

    With regard to the front brake calipers specifically, do you folks thing factory standard rubber flexible brake lines or SS braided teflon flexible brake lines are better for regular driving with probaly 80 pct on-road and 20 pct or less off-road? I run std rubber flexible lines front and rear...
  11. offroadvegan

    SOLD  Custom Front Tube Bumper w/ lights for FJ80 $350

    I have an awesome prerunner style front bumper for FJ80, FZJ80 and Lexus LX450. It came off my 1993, and I assume it will fit other years of the same model Land Cruiser. Nice and light. Will NOT accommodate a winch. Has two light tabs on each side for offroad lights (not included) Located...
  12. ChaserFJ60

    Anyone have a front driveshaft for an FJ62

    I'm doing an h55f swap on my fj60 so i can have one of the few BOSS 2FE h55F Fj60's :cool:, i have the rear drive shaft already, preferably good ujoints, slip joint has to be good of course. and if anyone happens to have a vacuum 4wd shifting solenoid ill take that too for the right price.
  13. Ali M

    Where can I buy new front seat belts?

    I need to replace my brown front seat belts particularly the driver seat. Where can I get new ones?
  14. Pantingfish

    Front speakers that fit a 83 FJ60?

    So the PO of my 83 FJ60 installed after market stereo and speakers front and back. The front ones prohibited the windows from rolling all the way down, so I took those out the first weekend I had it. My question is does anyone know of the size that fit and/or specific models they have used that...
  15. 9

    want to convert 99lx470 to TLC front fascia

    I did search and basically I want to convert to the landcruiser grille and headlights. I would be fine with a 99 TLC fascia but would entertain an 06 conversion if possible. i have a clean rust free lx from he south and over the past 4 years I have done the work, maintenance and upgrades to...
  16. dylanray

    Front spring offset/toe out.

    This is something that has been bothering me since I bought the truck and now that its down to the frame in preparation for an SOA setup I gotta ask a few questions. And yes I have probably spent over 30 hours in the last 4 weeks reading through post here on mud. The PO did a shackle reversal...
  17. Desert Dino

    Help: Reconstructing the washer system front, tail and head lights

    It seams the PO was a douchebag. let me rephrase he really was When somthing broke that is not critical he would bypass it When I got my Rig I filled the washer tank with good blue stuff every button i pushed I got water on the front window I read here and searched here all the posts...
  18. John E Davies

    Removable front seat covers

    Any suggestions for my '13 200? I really like these from Equipt but there is no way in this lifetime that I will pay $460 for two.... "They are all handcrafted from 510 denier cotton canvas and contoured specifically to the Land Cruiser seating surface. Each cover set includes headrest covers...
  19. cc93cruiser

    Wanted  80 series OEM front bumper

    Looking for a front oem front bumper for my 93 80 series... Had one lined up couple months ago from another forum member but lost phone around that time... Anyone in the SF bayarea or central valley I'll come pick up... Need brackets and hardware...
  20. ukaviator

    Anyone using front seats with integrated seat belts?

    Hey Guys My 45 only has the lap belts, and no where to mount a shoulder belt. Is anyone on here using a set of seats in either their 40 or 45 that have integrated seats belts? if so please post up some pictures and details on what you are using Ive considered an internal roll cage so I can...
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