FJ62 Cooling and Preventative Maintenance Advice.

Mar 1, 2021
Vancouver BC
As it starts to warm up in Canada, the truck is coming out of hibernation.
I have the radiator out at the moment, as it's constantly leaking - will get it reconditioned at a local rad shop In the next few days.

My question is while it is out, what are some of the other maintenance items, preventative or upgrades that you'd recommend?

About the truck:
1988 3fe, Auto with 320km - 20km on the rebuilt engine. 33" tires.
I rebuilt the knuckles last summer and dressed all the steering ends

It runs pretty well for an old truck. Some areas of concern are:
  • Coolant leaks from two small steel tubes the run under the passenger footwell next to the engine.
  • I might have some pinging happening as I can hear a slight valve chatter.
  • Sometimes it won't start the first time after the engine is hot? not sure if that's a quirk? or a fuelling issue?
  • Oil leaks which I might address in another post.
My current Maintenance list is:
  • Refresh the cooling, as mentioned above.
    • Clean and recondition radiator
    • New Thermostat
    • New water pump. (unsure if this has gone bad, but I have noticed some coolant dripping from the crank pulley from time to time)
  • Belts
    • They look to be in good shape, but the water pump is Napa branded and appears to be one is loose.
  • Auxiliary ATF cooler?
    • oil lines?
    • Temp gauge?
  • Timing and valve adjustment, is this easier with the rad out?
  • Plus any regular service items, fluids, plugs, a bath etc.
Looking for any other bits that i've missed, or things that can be easier to access the rad out.

Thanks 👍


Jun 30, 2017
Consider replacing the radiator instead of trying to fix it.
Tiny leaks in an ancient radiator are messengers to the rot going on inside. Your radiator is like a leaking rotting wooden boat. Fix one leak and another will pop up.

Replace the thermostat housing bolts. Don’t reuse the old ones. Use anti seize grease on the bolts.
Mar 1, 2021
Vancouver BC
Seems to be the general theme.

I dropped off 2 old rads at the shop so i'll see what the guy says.
I bought a second hand one about 8 months ago, when my original one started leaking.
It apparently came off a low-miler, but I don't think it was flushed out property and the bottom as was you described.

Cutting my losses and getting a new one might be the go.
I'll look into replacing it, they aren't cheap.

Thanks @OSS

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