1. athensrep

    Aluminum Radiators

    As a preemptive strike, i purchased an eBay aluminum 4-core radiator as a backup. The OEM one in there is old but holding water. What are thoughts on theses? Obviously, i can’t tell anything internal, but the welds are actually impressive. I’ve seen worse welds on 3k mountain bikes. I have a...
  2. zachmartin529

    CSF Radiator Story of Whoas and General BS

    This is a story of the most over-complicated and annoying inconvenience I've ever had ordering car parts in my life, which at the time of writing this, is still yet to be resolved. The time is long overdue for my FJ62 to get a new radiator so naturally, I went with CSF as they are the only ones...
  3. J

    Beginning of radiator crack?

    Hi All! Just wondering if you thought this was the first little part of the fatal crack in my radiator. I've been keeping an eye on it, but today I thought I saw a new little crack on the right side of the logo. It's really small if it's there at all. The car is a 2016 LC with about 95k miles...
  4. DirtyPepper

    Incoming New Radiator - 1997 FzJ80 - Coolant Type Question on NEW radiator

    Ok, so...not to beat a totally dead horse on the subject...don't hurt me, hahaha! Yes, I read just about every post, old and new, about which radiator fluid to use, BUT...pretty much every post talks about an existing radiator and simply flushing the system and not dropping a new one in AND...
  5. DirtyPepper

    Another Radiator Replacement Question for August 2022- **1997 FzJ80**

    Ok, so I've been going through as many radiator posts as I can find and there's ben some really good information, like THIS POST HERE where it mentions on Page 3 about a good Koyo Sidenote: I'm not seeing any discoloration on my radiator top tank housing, and the dash gauge never (as of yet)...
  6. J

    For Sale 200 series radiator NIB

    I have a NIB 200 series radiator (5.7 V8) that was slightly damaged in transit. I got a new one after paying the shipping insurance deductible. This one can be yours for $25 plus shipping. I'm basically selling it for the scrap value since no one up here wants it. To be upfront I'm in...
  7. O

    Measuring radiator cooling efficiency

    I have a 97 80 Series with FZ-1FE engine. I've had it for 13 years and I reckon it has always run a bit hot. Lately it doesn't seem all that hard to get the needle in the top half of the gauge. Eg. cruising at 100kph on highway with or without a load but especially if in "heavy" sand even if...
  8. Itacud916

    For Sale Radiator, located in Tucson

    Have a Toyota brass radiator I got for my HZJ77. Does not have integrated trans cooler. Bought it new, think it was close to $400. Put about 10k kms on it then I switched to terrain tamer. It’s in great shape with no leaks. Part number 16400-17080 Looking for $225.
  9. sunnyjayS

    In college and need baselining maintenance opinions

    First post since getting a LC, go easy on me. I purchased a 2000 LC in August at 177k and am going through some baselining. So far I have gotten the TB/WP completed using an Aisin kit, lower ball joints, and inner and outer tie rods. Currently at 183k. This has all been a learning experience for...
  10. AsteroidLloyd

    FJ62 Cooling and Preventative Maintenance Advice.

    As it starts to warm up in Canada, the truck is coming out of hibernation. I have the radiator out at the moment, as it's constantly leaking - will get it reconditioned at a local rad shop In the next few days. My question is while it is out, what are some of the other maintenance items...
  11. Y

    Upper radiator bracket removal

    I have a vacuum leak in a radiator hose which I tested and found. My problem is that the hose is under a metal bracket at the top of the radiator which does not allow me access to the hose. I am trying to remove the bracket, but where the side panels meet it it won’t budge. Is there an extra...
  12. LeftHandRev

    Wanted [PURCHASED] BJ70 Radiator - Copper/Brass OEM type

    I've had no luck maintaining the garbage aluminum radiators commonly available for my truck on ebay. I am hoping to get a brass / copper core OEM radiator. I believe the HZJ70 radiator will also work for my truck. I'm in the Seattle area. I've reached out to all of the local shops about this...
  13. OKMike

    For Sale New Cruiser Corps Aluminum Radiator

    Howdy Guys: I have a brand new 3 Core Aluminum Radiator that I purchased from Cruiser Corps at the start of my project. I ended up buying a different radiator for the build (long story) and I've had this one too long to return it. It has a few small dings from being moved around during the...
  14. alefer5

    For Sale SoCal: Denso 221-9263 Radiator (New - Never Installed)

    Up for sale is a new Denso Radiator for a Lexus GX 460. Part Number is Denso 221-9263. I purchased and received this item, although didn’t use it during a recent vehicle maintenance. The item is new and has never been installed. The overall condition of the radiator is great and there are no...
  15. leucadiacruiser

    What did you use for Mishimoto radiator transmission cooler adapter fittings for FJ62 OEM stock lines?

    Hello 'Mud - I'm about to swap out the old radiator to a Mishimoto aluminum radiator. This will be the second one I've done because the first made a great difference in temps and was a perfect fit. On the first, I used an external transmission cooler and bypassed the radiator cooler. On this...
  16. CloudCity

    Looks like it's radiator time, no?

    I noticed a very small but near-constant stream of red coolant running from the passenger front yesterday after a short drive. Today I crawled under and found nothing leaking down below so inspected the top and the leak appears to be coming from the upper part of the radiator on that side, or...
  17. J

    Wanted Radiator grille/guard mesh/screen for '78 FJ40

    I'm looking for a radiator grille/guard mesh/screen for a '78 FJ40. I've looked on all the usual vendor websites (SOR etc.) without luck. I'll pay a premium for one in excellent/new condition.
  18. 93luxdave

    93 RN105r Hilux, 1jzgte radiator/cooling system upgrade, Expansion tank plumbing Q's

    Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of changing the cooling system up in my hilux, It has a 1jz vvti out of a jzx100, Currently using a slightly modified v6 4runner rad with 2 Spal 12" pusher fans in front and is just not doing the job! I've found a 2000 MR2 Spyder 3 core ally radiator that with...
  19. M

    For Sale 1985 Landcruiser fJ60 Radiator and cowl - Original parts

    Pulled this original Radiator and fan shrowd out of a 1985 Landcruiser. I do not know how good/bad the inside of the radiator is or exactly what the condition is. I can tell you it came out of a running vehicle and had no antifreeze leaks when we removed it. Open to reasonable offers, buyer...
  20. B

    '88 FJ62 - Mysterious Coolant Leak

    I have been at wit's end trying to chase a mysterious coolant consumption issue. Several months ago I noticed my reservoir tank had been at the minimal mark, I assume staying at a level that the pickup can no longer take in radiator fluid. I filled it up with Toyota Red 50/50 and thought...
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