1. dudenhoeffer

    FREE  FREE - FJ62 Radiator - leaks around top reservoir

    Just pulled this OEM radiator- was leaking along the edge of the top tank. Free for a refurb - you pay shipping. Let me know.
  2. exakt0h

    4 Gallons came out, Only 3 Gallons went in (Coolant)

    Hello Everyone, I drained the block and radiator on my FZJ80 and had a total of 4 gallons of used coolant. Replaced the thermostat/gasket, and all 3 rad hoses. I used 2 gallons of Toyota Red and 2 gallons of Distilled Water for a total of 4 gallons. I filled the upper radiator hose first...
  3. ItsBavid

    So this is supposed to be the Koyo Rad?

    Update: well, it turns out they sent me a Lynol Radiator because they said they dont carry Koyo's anymore even though they have it listed on their site. That's some sub-par business practice right there. I'm on a roll this week. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I received my "1917 Koyo Rad" from radiators.com yesterday...
  4. S

    Thermostat Housing Threading

    My water pump blew up (coolant everywhere) at the end of last year so I replaced it and all the hoses. While I was doing that I tried to take the thermostat apart and sure enough, both bolts snapped. The FJ went into storage over the winter and there was a tiny bit of coolant under it every time...
  5. T

    3B radiator question

    I just ordered a new radiator from NAPA auto parts and it seems like they’ve sent me one with the wrong configuration. My OEM radiator has the inlet and outlet ports on the same side, the new one the inlet and outlet ports are diagonal from each other. Does anyone know if it will work with my 84...
  6. jjh123

    Thermostat question

    So I have begun replacing parts on my cooling system starting with the radiator and all of the radiator hoses. Today I decided to take apart the thermostat housing, and to my surprise there is no thermostat. I have had no issues with my engine running cool, it typically holds 180* on long drives...
  7. Riviera

    Timing Belt/90k Service with Radiator & AC Condenser

    in 3,000 miles, I'm performing my Timing Belt Service. It's a 1998 LX470 which will have 220,000 miles at the time of the service. Service records indicate it was last performed at 130,xxx milers. I'm changing the Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner, Tensioner Pulley, Water Pump, Serpentine...
  8. overlandsam

    Mishimoto antifreeze

    I just ordered a Mishimoto radiator for my '88 FJ62. Has anyone ever used their antifreeze? Liquid Chill® Was considering it over Toyota Red. I tried to look through other forum posts but couldn't find anything regarding it.
  9. onedaatmc

    So , my 96 LC doesn't over heat , stays in the center on the guage, yet ...

    ...doesn't suck coolant out of the reservoir mounted on the passenger fender, and in fact when starting the truck, I hear water flowing, which I didn't use to hear or didn't notice , there's no puddling on the ground, the radiator loses fluid only by a little bit every week or so but diesn't...
  10. traillme

    Near overheat and no hot air -Troubleshooting

    On my morning commute I my 96 80 started heating up for the 2nd time in the past 2 weeks. Mostly, i do short trips (less than 10 miles) and have never experienced this before. Also the heat has been working intermittently for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it blows hot - then just mild air. I...
  11. krs2fur

    For Sale  91/92 FJ80 Radiator - DEAL

    First off - I am NOT selling a radiator!!!! I have been shopping around for a(nother) replacement radiator for my 91 80 series and came across what appears to be the deal of the century, so I thought I would share the knowledge. Pep-Boys is currently offering a 25% discount (at least in my...
  12. J

    For Sale  Aluminum 4-core radiator for 1982 BJ42

    $150 + shipping New never-installed 4-core aluminum radiator for 1982 BJ42 Fits 80-86 40 series - may have other applications
  13. Kevin Janchiv

    Wanted  Radiator Fan Shroud for 100 series/LX470

    Hello, I am looking for Fan Shroud for 100 series or LX470 (1998-2005) in good condition. I am in Denver, CO. Thanks,
  14. L

    Engine heatup on gaining height

    Hi everyone. Acquired a LC100 2003 amazon spec 1HDFTE with the 4 speed auto tranny( my hunch is its a 442f) Used the vehicle for a vacation last month ran into some overheating issues Before leaving all fluids incuding radiator fluid,transmission fluid.diff fluids etc were replaced.A new fan...
  15. A

    3fe coolan system overpressurizing?

    Hi I posted a thread a few weeks ago similiar to this and I am looking for a second opinion/hoping to steer the convo in a different direction. I have a 3fe fj80, and recently replaced the thermo, fan clutch, water pump, and rad. The rad was leaking on the top seam. Fast forward only one...
  16. houstonfj40

    Wanted  Sbc conversion fan shroud FJ40

    Looking for a fan shroud, sbc conversion, FJ40. Something like the BTB shroud, they keep saying they will make again but I have been waiting a couple months next option is to get one fabed. Thanks. Marc
  17. T

    Radiators replacement fzj80

    Hey Everybody, New LC owner here(first post), purchased a 1993 with 220k about a week ago for nothing. I'm working through a couple fixes the PO didn't want to attempt and also didn't have the money to fix properly. First I've been having the takeoff problem that seems pretty common to the...
  18. ridgeback rig

    Radiator repair or replacement

    My radiator is leaking along the top seam. It's plastic. Would it be possible to repair it in some way? Even temporarily? My 93 is my only transportation and I need to get it running again quickly. A friend of a friend has a different year 80 series that they are pulling parts from. I think it's...
  19. D

    1979 FJ40 OEM Radiator Needed

    I won a '79 FJ40 Land Cruiser at auction that is being hauled up Tuesday so I haven't seen it yet. It has a radiator overflow nipple leak that sprays everywhere. The truck has a factory oil cooler & power steering but no A/C. I'd rather replace the entire radiator with a new OEM unit but will...
  20. BrianDotcom

    Radiator Question

    Hey everyone, the radiator in my FJ60 has developed a small crack at the top neck. I've been searching for replacements but I've noticed I don't have the normal radiator setup. I have a 6AT Cummins in my truck and the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of where they normally would be. My...
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