1. Engineer8000

    SOLD  NC: FJ40 Radiator Support Bracket

    Looking for the driver side bracket that holds the radiator support, looks like this: shipping to 28461.
  2. hockryan

    Avoid Mishimoto Radiators at all costs

    I purchased a Mishimoto aluminum radiator for my 100 series vehicle less than two years ago, thinking it would be a reliable upgrade. Unfortunately, I discovered a pinhole leak at the back of the radiator recently, clearly a factory defect. Given Mishimoto's lifetime warranty and the direct...
  3. Soberacho

    Wanted  Radiator Shroud for a BJ40

    I'm looking for a Radiator Shroud for my 76 BJ40. Preferably not banged-up or MacGyvered in any way. Surface rust not an issue. Shipping to 78412 (So. TX). Lemme know what you have with the magic #. Thank you.
  4. C

    SOLD  1979 PS radiator core support rod

    I need the passenger side radiator core support rod for a 79 FJ40. Thanks Chris
  5. C

    Does this radiator core support rod look correct?

    I can’t tell if it’s weirdly bent by a PO or supposed to be like this. I can’t mount my vintage air drier as it is. Thanks.
  6. harrydunn

    16400-66081 Radiator for '97 LX 450?

    I've replaced a few 80 rads but not of the LX flavor. Swapping my brothers out after the non-OEM unit split at the lower seam. I've searched and Googled but wanted to get confirmation that the '97 LC radiator part number of 16400-66081 will work just fine with a '97 LX? My Toyota parts guy...
  7. A

    Radiator -- Koyorad or Toyota

    Hello, I have a choice of those two in my case, the same price. Have no experience with the latest crop. I recall there was a part number for Toyota mad in Mexico or somewhere else where they are not burdened with the environmental regulations, but I can't find it anymore. It also used to be...
  8. mdcrabbe

    For Sale  OC, CA 1996 Land Cruiser Radiator and Shroud 16400-66040

    Part # 16400-66040 OEM Radiator for FZJ80, I bought this from another member for $200 and ended up buying a new one. I was told it was used lightly for less than 1,000 miles before the owner upgraded to Ron Davis and this is a member I trust. There are some bent fins from installation. Includes...
  9. ajhmch

    Cooling system replacement/ upgrade

    Hi, I'm new here. Have a LC200 with some lovely front end damage. I am repairing it and hoping to do some upgrades at same time where it makes sense. I do some light off road, mostly beach and I tow boat/ trailer. 2 questions I am hoping you can all help me with. First (really embarassing)...
  10. Bombatron

    For Sale  WA 80 series core support

    Radiator core support in good condition. Was going to replace mine but ended up repairing and keeping my original. Located in Seattle Washington. Prefer local pickup but will ship if you pay for it. $300
  11. Bandit_guy

    FJ40 Radiator on BJ42

    I have had some radiator issues last few years. The original Radiator was rotten through and couldn't find a shop that would re-core it in my neck of the woods. I purchased an aluminum one on e-bay and it lasted about 2 years and failed at the top seams. I learned the hard way (or probably not)...
  12. AustinKordell

    Help identifying large piece of gasket found in radiator.

    Could anyone help identify what this piece of gasket I found in my radiator might be? I replaced my PHH after a failure last week (bypassed with Gates green & Breeze clamps) and also replaced my thermostat and radiator cap at the same time. I cleaned the coolant reservoir and did 3 flushes of...
  13. D

    Time to replace the radiator

    Any recommendations for best place to get a new oem radiator for my 97 LC? Looks like I can get one from Olathe Toyota for $385. Any better options? What else should I take care of while I'm replacing that?
  14. LowDrag82

    Radiator hose change out - anything else I need for 06 LX

    EDIT my coolant is red after all, not sure why I thought it was green. Maybe a dream lol. At any rate I’m holding off replacing the hoses for now and am just doing a regular drain and fill. Anything I might be missing? The previous owner had green cooling in this and I am flushing it to fill...
  15. Rustyj41

    For Sale  SOLD

    NO Longer available
  16. D

    Wanted  GA. Radiator core support for LC80

    I’m looking for a radiator core support for a 1996 LC80. I live in Savannah but willing to travel a few hours or pay for shipping.
  17. R

    Fan thru radiator questions

    Put my fan through my radiator on the long weekend here in Australia. Managed to pull it out trackside and crimp off the broken bars and get me home.. but have a few queries.. Realise this is a known problem and I’m running the 80 series ‘yellow dot’ fan that is supposed to be less prone to...
  18. harrison60

    Radiator Support Removal/AC Condensor

    I am doing some work on the front of my FJ60 and need to remove the whole radiator support panel. Before I start I just wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to do this without removing/disconnecting my AC condensor? Want to avoid having to disconnect and refill/re-gas if possible...
  19. gkettler

    Radiator Fluid

    Does it matter what radiator fluid I use. 1983 FJ40. I'm using Valvoline for Toyota but it says 1990 and above.
  20. studawg

    FZJ80 Fan clutch always engaged even while cold, why?

    Forgive me because Im asking for a friend and only have limited info, and dont have the vehicle here to inspect... -Radiator was leaking so he took it to a Japanese specialist and they replaced the radiator, hoses, thermostat and cap (Note: He has spent a large amount of money with them...
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