1. StinkyPig

    SOLD  FJ62 Radiator NEW For Sale

    I believe this is an FJ62 radiator according to the part number on the box and the corresponding manufacturers website data. I received this NEW radiator by mistake some time ago but only just realized it when I went to unbox it. If someone wants it for $210 I will ship it for free within the...
  2. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Land Cruiser Products (LCP) Electric Fan Kit - 80 Series

    I have a brand new Land Cruiser Products Auxiliary Electric Fan Kit for the 80-series for sale (bought it from LandCruiserPhil). Adding some other things to my 80 and I won't be able to use this. I haven't even opened the box from when I bought it from Phil, so the photos you see I "borrowed"...
  3. Onur

    3B/13B-T Fan Clutch and Fan Upgrade

    I have been quite unhappy with the cooling performance of the tiny 3B/13B-T fan clutch and fan for quite some time. As such, I did some research. I picked up a 1HZ/1HD-T fan clutch as well as the appropriate fan assembly. This fan clutch is the black-base FC. As you can see, it...
  4. DougAustinTx

    Repair of '79 - '80 carb cooler fan controller circuit board

    My '79 40 didn't have the blower for the carb when I got it about 6 years ago. Until recently I was ignoring my hard-starts after the engine was warm and then sat for a while. I started reading the LONG threads about guys on MUD getting their carb coolers working and having much success with...
  5. OffRoadScott

    Evans Waterless coolant

    Is there anyone that has or is running this in their LC? Evans High-Performance coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). Boiling Point: Above 375° Antifreeze Properties: Protects below -40°F...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  90-92 FJ80 Radiator, Shroud, Fan, Fan Clutch, Water pump, etc

    SoCal No shipping unless you have your own shipping account as these items are expensive to ship due to size and possible weight. Radiator $75 Shroud $75 Xlnt Condition - not cracked patched or broken in any way. Fan $30 Fan Clutch $35 ( I can ship this)
  7. dudenhoeffer

    So disappointed with my FlexLite electric cooling fans

    So, this is a bit of a rant... please forgive... but I figured I'd share my hard earned experience and perhaps save others some hardship in the process. DO NOT BUY A 412 DUAL FLEX-A-LITE FAN SET FOR YOUR VORTEC SWAP... There, I said it. Feels good. Now... why? You may be thinking, "I thought...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 1991-1992 AC parts Fan Clutch

    SoCal. Local pickup preferred due to large shipping size of shroud, however I will ship if you will do the shipping calculations and send me a shipping label, or add the cost of shipping to the price. AC parts are specific for systems originally R12 These items will not connect with 93-97 FJ80...
  9. G

    Fan bracket pulley/ short serp

    2001 with 186k miles. Yesterday threw the serpentine belt. Replaced belt and now horrible sound from fan bracket pulley bearings. 500 miles from home and looking to put in a short serpentine belt to bypass the fan clutch. Any ideas on a compatible serpentine belt to bypass?
  10. JohnnyFish

    Overland Bound: When a Toyota R&D Engineer Builds and Overland Rig: Extended Cut

    Very interesting discussion of the Dan Rich's 80, the TRD supercharger prototype rig, in the wild.
  11. Sheadon

    Cut off center cooling console

    Has anyone cut off the airflow to the center cooling console? Will it affect the main A/C components for the dash to work properly? For example, will it affect the compressor? My compressor is dead and before I buy a new one I want to make sure it's ok that the cooling console has been...
  12. Shanle929

    SOLD  Z34 hood louvers

    Selling a pair of hood louvers from a Lumina Z34. They were powder coated flat black from previous owner. I was going to use them on my 80, but am doing something different. So don’t need them. $100 bucks plus shipping. Can do local pickup in Corona CA(USA) as well. They come with the...
  13. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Cooling

    I need suggestions for better transmission cooling. - 96 1KZ-TE with A343F AT. - B&M 13,000 BTU trans cooler connected after the rad (i.e. trans outlet - rad - cooler - trans inlet). It's installed in front of the rad. - 7" fan on the trans cooler blowing air at it - Synthetic ATF I find that I...
  14. Chrisher

    New Member seeking advice.

    Hi everyone, I have a HZJ 105 4.2 diesel African spec landcruiser with after market turbo. The car is quite heavy as it has TJM bumpers, Warn Winch, Safety devices roll cage and Expedition roof rack. I am looking to fit an intercooler for a bit more power and added reliability and also better...
  15. Peru Darrell

    Change Plastic Radiator tanks to Aluminium?

    I have to replace my leaking copper/bronze radiator and already bought an OEM type aluminum core with plastic tanks. It is a 1998 105 model 1FZFE. Since I live overseas and labor is cheap, I have a guy who can take off the plastic tanks and replace them with aluminum, including changing all of...
  16. LostAfrican

    03 Radiator in 01 - same fit?

    From 03 on wards the radiator in the 100 series was improved by reducing the fin pitch. Can I put an 03 or later radiator in my 01 LX470? Do they fit the same? Toyota Part Numbers 01, 02 part number is 1640050360 03, 04, 07 part number is 1640050290 Desno Part Numbers (from Rock Auto): 01...
  17. MDarius

    Radiators 101 - there will be a test at the end

    I need a new radiator in my 97. I checked yesterday and the FZJ80 radiators from my dealership are $500 without discounts. The 92-94 radiators are NLA. edit: @beno confirmed the are still available. There are a lot online ranging in price from $100 up to $1,000+. I just wonder what's out...
  18. 89GASHOG

    fj62 "carb" cooling fan

    Anyone delete this on their FJ62? Mine has only come on a few times during my ownership and I'm just wondering if it's worthwhile keeping, as removing would free up some room under the hood. I'm in the process of replacing fenders, so it'd be one less thing to put back. :D
  19. A

    Cooling system

    Hey guys first post and new to the cruisers and Toyota in general. I recently picked up a 93 fjz80 and spent a few weeks getting it road worthy (totaled in low speed offset headon) so lots of body damage and damaged radiator. I searched and searched but no luck. First question: I picked up a...
  20. cruisermatt

    Wanted  3FE intake cooling fan sensor

    I looking for this bracket and sensor. I threw mine away a few years ago and want another.
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