Fj40 - OME w/lift question

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Mar 27, 2003
North Georgia, USA
Hey all
I have a specific question that I can’t find on search

I have a ‘78 FJ40 with a 2 1/2 inch pro comp lift (leafs and shocks)

I need new shocks and steering stabilizer.
WHere is the best place to get OME shocks and steering stabilizer BUT..what model OME shocks would I need with the pro comp lift. The leafs are AOK so I won’t replace those .

thanka all



I’d call pro comp to be honest but I’m pretty sure you can’t get o m e shocks with your lift kit there to short you have to get the longer ones when you put on the lift kit you have to throw away the original shocks in most cases and the lift kit has to come with new shocks but you can go with Rancho or whoever else you want you just have to tell them about the lift
I just replaced my OME shocks with Bilstiens and the ride is much more comfortable than it was with the OME shocks, just something to consider.

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