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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado

Forum Members advice on Oil, Filters and Gear Oil This thread is a compilation of our own oil experts cary and RavenTai posts and advice over the last 3 years.

Preventative Maintenance Items:
Front Axle/Birf Rebuild Your Front Axle Service should be performed once every 60K Miles. One of the first PMs (Preventative Maintenance) items to be performed after buying a rig without know it’s history. Thread also includes front Brakes.

Clownmidgets Rear Axle rebuild write-up & Rear Drive Shaft U Joints - Excellent write-up with photo's by Clownmidget doing his Rear Axle service and replacing the U Joints on his Drive Shaft

Rear Axle Service - Full Floater (Forum Members, June 2004) Rear Axles need to be PM’s as well

Rear Axle Service on FF {93 & up} (Rookie2<- dude in purple shirt & Beno, Mar. 2005) – Another Rear Axle PM thread

Changing Front Brake Pads Description - Driley Feb 2006

Pesky Heater Hose {PHH} (Forum Members, Mar 2004) – The PHH tends to fail and is a suggested PM item for over 100K miles.

Radiator Flush (Forum Members, April 2004) Part of base lining your fluids and regular PM

Power Steering Flush - RavenTai Feb 2006 Often overlooked Fluid Baseline

Transmission Fluid Exchange (Snow Cruiser, July 2004) Part of base lining fluids in the vehicle

Cleaning the coolant system (e9999, April 2004) A good step for Base lining vehicle Radiator Flush

Toyota Red vs Green Coolant (Forum Members, May 2005) Now that I am flushing my Radiator, should I use Toyota Red or Regular Green?

Wiper blades and refills (Forum Members, April 2004) Using OEM replacements is recommended, but takes some effort.

How to replace the air filter (Forum Members, May 2004) Clogged air filter creates poor performance. A Regular PM Item.

Changing Starter Contacts -Note: Wrong Dealer Pic tags in pictures (George _tlc Nov 2005 ) Common failure over 100K mile vehicles. Suggested PM Item

Fixing the broken Antenna Mast - John E. Davies March 2006

Drivetrain Maintenance and Issues:

Drivetrain Maintenance, Issues and Troubleshooting

Possible Driveshaft/Tranny Clunk & Maintenance (Semlin, Sep. 2004)
how to replace the u-joints in your 80 (Semlin Dec 2005)
Adjusting the throttle cable - Tech Article (Randy F, 2003)

Other Maintenance or Reapair Items:

Leaking Tcase Speedometer O-ring (Nakman, Mar 2004)
How to Replace Oil Pump seal w/ Pics (zjz4476- Zane Zwerenz Dec 2005)
Power Steering Pump Replacement - cruiserdan April 2005
Cleaning ABS sensors that acting up (FZJFillmore, May 2005)
EGR & code PO401 & P0402 (Kurt {Dr. EGR}, Mar 2004)
Fixing Slow Drivers Door Power Lock (IdahoDoug, July 2004)
Injector Cleaning and/or Replacing (Forum Members, Apr. 2005)
Increase MPG and more on cleaning fuel injectors (Landtank, Apr. 2005)
K&N Air Filters, Yes or No (Forum Members, Sep 2004)
Sealing OEM Roof Rack Holes (Forum Members, Sep. 2004)

jklubens shakey sideview mirror FIX

Trail Fix
How to unlock a locked factory locker (Forum Members, April 2004)

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