Fall Crawl Afterglow

Dec 11, 2011
Forest, VA
I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to those who put in so much time and effort this past weekend. There were months of planning, libations, food.

Thanks Stump for all your hard work, and keg beers.
Thanks Amed for the raffle prizes, and quite frankly the vendors that supplied them should get their own thread too.
Chris B for the beans
John for Pulled Pork
Steve for the cheese
Faith for the bacon
Amed again for the kbobs
Ed for the radios
the guys manning the check-in tents
Reefer monkey for the quality shirts.

Please feel free to hijack this thread and and call out a thanks to anyone who needs one.

It was an AWESOME trip THANK YOU
Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
Since it's pretty much a thankless job putting on an event, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the folks that put this together. It's been too long since you've had an event at The Cove, and I appreciate the effort. It was a good time with great trails and a sweet campground.
I had a blast, and the Lexus is still pretty.
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