Engine hesitates when electrical accessories are on

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Jul 10, 2020
Hey guys, I recently purchased a BJ60 with 26k kilometers on it and I am a new member of the community. As I drove it back from Ohio I noticed the engine hesitates on acceleration when I turn on the headlights or crank up the AC. It really bugs me because it would hesitate every 5 seconds or so going on the freeway. Have anybody experienced the same thing? I was wondering if the voltage regulator can cause problems like this since the tester threw out a code for failed VC when I had the guy see it at Autozone.
This is a common problem with 2Hs and 3Bs. The EDIC is cycling to STOP briefly. Its usually poor engine or body earths and it usually happens more when there's a heavier electrical load on the alternator (eg headlights on). To fix it remake all your earth points (new terminals, wirewheel on the attachment points, new cables if necessary).. mostly this solves the issue of the EDIC cycling. In the meantime you can pop the EDIC rod off and it'll stop the problem, but you'll have to stall the vehicle to stop it. You should also be aware that the EDIC does provide a low oil pressure shutdown function - if you're not certain you have oil pressure you should take this into account prior to removing the EDIC rod.

The EDIC rod is shown below.. it pops off at each end..

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Thanks a lot for the reply that provided so much information! I’ll try to pop it off to see if the issue resolves.
Also check the voltage regulator, in my 60 we found that was an issue there that was causing the Edic to overshoot
Also check the voltage regulator, in my 60 we found that was an issue there that was causing the Edic to overshoot
Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I was wondering which one is the voltage regulator? I have three things that look like it so I’m not sure how it works. I also took a photo of the top of the alternator.


The voltage regulator is the one at the top of the alternator, the other ones are the glow plug relays
Thank you haha that confused me for the longest time because I couldn’t find wires that connects to alternator on those “regulators”

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