1. yaox0702

    BJ60 hesitates when accessories are on

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a BJ60 with 260k kilometers on it and I am a new member of the community. I posted under the 60 wagon thread already and they told me that I could get more responses here. As I drove it back from Ohio I noticed the engine hesitates on acceleration when I turn on...
  2. yaox0702

    Engine hesitates when electrical accessories are on

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a BJ60 with 26k kilometers on it and I am a new member of the community. As I drove it back from Ohio I noticed the engine hesitates on acceleration when I turn on the headlights or crank up the AC. It really bugs me because it would hesitate every 5 seconds or so...
  3. fj40cruising

    SOLD  1985 BJ60, DFW area, $26,000

    I’ve been working on this BJ60 diesel land cruiser for many years now. We spent about 8 months on body and paint to make sure it's rust free. I have all of the original paperwork from Ontario, Canada and receipts on the build. Lots of work has been done on this cruiser. Clear Texas title in...
  4. grayjs

    For Sale  Calgary AB - 60 Series Parts

    Hi everyone I have a bunch of spare cruiser parts for sale, everything is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. All prices are in USD and does not include shipping. I base all my prices on other comparable ads on this site. If I am out of line feel free to make an offer. I am going to start with...
  5. redneckweldin

    Land Ranger (82 BJ60 + 97 Ford Ranger) Build

    So been reading lots of great information on this site and figured I'd better join and start a build thread. I bought a 1982 BJ60 a couple years ago bone stock. Was my daily and it was great. However the body was in really rough shape and I have a new daily so it's time to turn the 60 into a...
  6. B

    Test driving BJ/HJ60 What should I look at?

    Hi all, I’m fairly new here(but I’ve been lurking hard) and I’m looking to get a cruiser - I’ve been enamoured by them forever and it looks like I’ll be needing a vehicle sooner than later so... What would y’all recommend I look at specifically when test driving? Thanks Jackson
  7. gdg11

    60 series with square headlights

    found this on amazon japan maybe some one can shed some light, did he cut his or was it a option
  8. tannedbagel

    Toyota 3B lack of power at high speeds

    Hello people, I've got this 1984 BJ60 with a 3B that I installed a turbo on it. It's pretty hard to start but when the engine is hot it idles great! During accelerations it does pretty good until about 70kph, then it starts to feel sluggish and lacks power. I can bearly hit 85-90kph and if...
  9. DesRochers

    My first landcruiser; bj60 or hj60 ?

    Hello, my name is Antoine DesRochers and I am in the process of buying my first landcruiser. I am very very new to this forum. Right now I am hesitating between a bj60 and a Hj60, I want to chose right and I got told this is the best place to ask questions so here am I... Before I get down to...
  10. theglobb

    Wanted  HJ61, HJ60, or BJ60 Manual, preferably on East Coast

    Looking for an HJ61, HJ60, or a BJ60 that isn't that rusted. I would like it to not be some perfectly restored car that I am scared to drive and scratch, wouldn't mind some "character" here and there. It would be nice if it was on the East Coast. I have a 1988 FJ62 currently that I would be open...
  11. J

    Wanted  Brown FJ60 Or BJ60 Dash

    Am looking for a Brown FJ60 OR BJ60 original dash without cracks. My vehicle is a 1983 FJ60. If anyone has one let me know how much you want for it. Thanks in advance!
  12. blistovmhz

    60/80 rear steer axle?

    I've seen a couple guys on here talking about rear steer 60/80 axles. Wondering how they've held up. I've got a 6.0L YJ truggy on 60 hybrid axles and 42's. Front flipped DD and widened 3", and rear centered and still on IFS SF shafts. I'm of course snapping SF shafts (right at the spline where...
  13. J

    Wanted  Anyone have a B, 3B Exhaust manifold

    Hello, Located in Florida, looking to temporarily ditch the turbo setup on my BJ60 and want an original exhaust manifold. Thanks,
  14. bosscruiser

    SOLD  1984 BJ60 5 Speed (Northern Idaho) price reduced $5500

    Just want to note I am giving the most information to the best of my knowledge about this vehicle. I have a very good looking and driving 1984 BJ60 with 313,000 km. 3B 5speed shifts well. I’ve put 10,000 km since I bought it up in Canada this summer. This cruiser runs and drives well...
  15. P

    For Sale  1989 HJ61 - Clean California Title and Registration - $18,500

    After a few trips to the DMV I know have a clean California Title and registration on my HJ61! 1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, the 12H-T fires clean every morning. Automatic transmission turns...
  16. JLT

    Beige or tan 60, 62

    I literally just signed up. What a great resource. I am just about to paint my project 60 and I can't seem to make up my mind on the color. I would very much appreciate it if some (or many) of you could post pics of your 60 series in beige 464 4e9 4e8 4g8...even a 416 if it exists. Or any beige...
  17. bosscruiser

    Wanted  ISO rust free FJ60 frame

    I have a 1984 bj60 that is in need of a new frame, I have temporarily patched over the not so good parts of my truck in the meantime. I’m looking for a fair deal on a rust free Fj60 frame (or bj60 frame if you have an unrusted out one). Hoping to find one for $300-500. I’m located in...
  18. Shayd Johnson

    Wanted  Mint 60 Series passenger side front fender

    Hey everyone, ISO PASSENGER SIDE FRONT FENDER, 60 SERIES. having a tough time finding a front fender for my 85'BJ60... Someone hit me and my insurance is covering the fix, but my mechanic can't find a fender anywhere. Any colour is fine, will paint it to match, just hoping for clean rust free...
  19. J

    What am I doing wrong? She won’t start!

    I have a 1984 BJ60 w/3B & after market turbo. 2 weeks ago she ran well once started she would crank a little slow and eventually start. I replaced the starter motor got a compression check, 425 psi across all 4, and she started well there after problem solved right.....? last night after no...
  20. U

    3B engine run on low/no oil advice

    Hello Everyone, I went and looked at to early 80's Canadian BJ60's yesterday, and am looking for some advice One BJ60 had an engine in good condition, but a completely rotton body. I have no experience in body work and do not want to take on that project. The second BJ60 had a reletivly good...
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