1. J

    Wanted  Brown FJ60 Or BJ60 Dash

    Am looking for a Brown FJ60 OR BJ60 original dash without cracks. My vehicle is a 1983 FJ60. If anyone has one let me know how much you want for it. Thanks in advance!
  2. blistovmhz

    60/80 rear steer axle?

    I've seen a couple guys on here talking about rear steer 60/80 axles. Wondering how they've held up. I've got a 6.0L YJ truggy on 60 hybrid axles and 42's. Front flipped DD and widened 3", and rear centered and still on IFS SF shafts. I'm of course snapping SF shafts (right at the spline where...
  3. J

    Wanted  Anyone have a B, 3B Exhaust manifold

    Hello, Located in Florida, looking to temporarily ditch the turbo setup on my BJ60 and want an original exhaust manifold. Thanks,
  4. bosscruiser

    SOLD  1984 BJ60 5 Speed (Northern Idaho) price reduced $5500

    Just want to note I am giving the most information to the best of my knowledge about this vehicle. I have a very good looking and driving 1984 BJ60 with 313,000 km. 3B 5speed shifts well. I’ve put 10,000 km since I bought it up in Canada this summer. This cruiser runs and drives well...
  5. P

    For Sale  1989 HJ61 - Clean California Title and Registration - $18,500

    After a few trips to the DMV I know have a clean California Title and registration on my HJ61! 1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, the 12H-T fires clean every morning. Automatic transmission turns...
  6. JLT

    Beige or tan 60, 62

    I literally just signed up. What a great resource. I am just about to paint my project 60 and I can't seem to make up my mind on the color. I would very much appreciate it if some (or many) of you could post pics of your 60 series in beige 464 4e9 4e8 4g8...even a 416 if it exists. Or any beige...
  7. bosscruiser

    Wanted  ISO rust free FJ60 frame

    I have a 1984 bj60 that is in need of a new frame, I have temporarily patched over the not so good parts of my truck in the meantime. I’m looking for a fair deal on a rust free Fj60 frame (or bj60 frame if you have an unrusted out one). Hoping to find one for $300-500. I’m located in...
  8. Shayd Johnson

    Wanted  Mint 60 Series passenger side front fender

    Hey everyone, ISO PASSENGER SIDE FRONT FENDER, 60 SERIES. having a tough time finding a front fender for my 85'BJ60... Someone hit me and my insurance is covering the fix, but my mechanic can't find a fender anywhere. Any colour is fine, will paint it to match, just hoping for clean rust free...
  9. J

    What am I doing wrong? She won’t start!

    I have a 1984 BJ60 w/3B & after market turbo. 2 weeks ago she ran well once started she would crank a little slow and eventually start. I replaced the starter motor got a compression check, 425 psi across all 4, and she started well there after problem solved right.....? last night after no...
  10. U

    3B engine run on low/no oil advice

    Hello Everyone, I went and looked at to early 80's Canadian BJ60's yesterday, and am looking for some advice One BJ60 had an engine in good condition, but a completely rotton body. I have no experience in body work and do not want to take on that project. The second BJ60 had a reletivly good...
  11. Parts Man

    CruiserParts 1985 BJ60 Land Cruiser

    1985 BJ60, 3B, H55F transmission, Factory A/C, P/S and lots of interior parts. Call or message with your parts needs.
  12. Riversurfer

    craigslist  HJ60 RHD 5spd -Killer deal?

    Found this HJ60 on CL. Seems like a really decent price for all that's included. 2H 4.0L Diesel Engine, AXT Turbo Kit, Turbo Intercooler, Oil Cooler, 5‐Speed Manual Transmission, 2‐Speed 4WD Transfer Case, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Locks, Push‐Button 4WD, Air...
  13. E

    For Sale  1983 BJ60 5spd In Canada ...selling the project!

    Hi The usual story that everyone has heard before...but its true! I picked this up from family 12 years ago, and they had it for about just as long. So its been in the family for about a quarter century give or take. A friend has done plenty of work such as rebuilding both hubs repairing rust...
  14. unfortunately

    Blinking charge and filter lights at idle

    Just about anytime I'm at idle the charge and filter lights blink simultaneously. Anyone else ever experience anything similar? Link to video: Dropbox - Video Jun 27, 7 39 06
  15. unfortunately

    3B - What to check while oil pan is off?

    I took the oil pan off to check for sludge and check the integrity of the pan. I side is pristine and no sludge but there were a couple rice grain sized metal chunks and a couple fingernail sized shavings. What else should I inspect before putting the pan back on?
  16. J

    Can a bj60 w/ a 4 speed manual take a H55 3B-T 1984

    The title says a lot looking for what sort of work scope it would be to put h55 in bj60 w 4 speed. Diesel 3b t. 1) Is this possible 2)What are the special "yea but you gotta..." type comments 3) what could be the max speed 4) where to find h55 tranny 5) special parts needed 6) skill level...
  17. Owyhee Jackass

    For Sale  BJ60 3B Parts, Clutch, Slave, Master, Fork

    I have a pile of parts I need to clear out. These are out of a 1984 BJ60, buyer pays shipping from 83702. Intake Manifold - $75 - SOLD, Glenn Exhaust Manifold - $75 Power Steering Pump and Bracket - $100 SOLD, DieselCruiser81 Upper and Lower Thermostat Housing - $50 - SOLD, Georg Valve...
  18. J

    For Sale  1984 BJ60 3BT

    She starts and runs well, No A/C, Frame is in solid condition rust wise, new exhaust, new clutch, rusty tail gate, body is in decent shape rust wise, body has 2 dents, feels/ looks like some bondo on the bottom of the rear panels maybe on doors too, no soft spots or blisters found, needs new...
  19. crawlin cruiser

    Parting Out  1983 bj60 in bc

    Currently running and complete 83bj60 3b 1200usd 5spd 950usd Power steering 500usd Everything else available, just ask 324km
  20. seadog

    For Sale  1983 toyota land cruiser bj60

    its my daily driver but its time to get rid of it. frame is pretty rusted but you can't beat the 4 cylinder diesel engine. 5 spd manual transmission. 1500$ for a quick sale location is in nelson canada
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