electrical problem

  1. yaox0702

    Engine hesitates when electrical accessories are on

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a BJ60 with 26k kilometers on it and I am a new member of the community. As I drove it back from Ohio I noticed the engine hesitates on acceleration when I turn on the headlights or crank up the AC. It really bugs me because it would hesitate every 5 seconds or so...
  2. fzjmemphis

    80 Series Electrical Nightmare... Help!

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 96' LX450 with around 176k on it and a T-MAX dual battery system. It's just about as solid of a truck as you can find mechanically, but I've been experiencing some crazy electrical problems that seem to get worse as the weeks go on. I've done crazy amounts of...
  3. lettereleven

    Factory winch troubleshooting

    Howdy, I'm trying to figure out which part of my factory winch is the problem. Is there any means of testing it off-vehicle? Ground and power seem intuitive, but I'm not sure how to bypass the #1 magnet switch (under the battery). Is it possible? Overall, I my winch isnt working. The #1...
  4. itschrismck

    Headlights won’t turn off

    2007 fj 100 - my headlights are off when the car is on no matter what is dialed in on the switch (on off drl), once I turn the car off the headlights come on and stay on. The switch will not turn them off nor will the remote.I have a leak on the drivers side foot well dead pedal and we just had...
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