Drviers Window only goes up with engine on

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Mar 15, 2008
Charleston, SC
I've key word searched the topic before posting but could not find anything helpful.

My driver's side window will not go up unless the engine in on. The key can be in the ignition and turned on and all my other windows will go up and down.

I am posting to see if this is could be heading towards a bigger problem. I've already pulled the switches and cleaned them thoroughly but that did not seem to help.

Search for "glass runs" in 80-series tech. Yours may need to be replaced or lubed.
I wonder if there is too much resistance in the driver's switch along with possibly marginal battery voltage, such as an older battery starting to lose its charge. It could explain why it works with the engine running because of the alternator providing a charge for the battery. Otherwise... I got nuthin'.. :confused:

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