Downey Electric to Cable Lock Conversion

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by theferg, Mar 12, 2003.

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    I have searched and searched archives and bulletin boards but there's no real answer for why Downey includes a new axle shaft with their electric to cable conversion for the 80 series e-locker.... I called them and the dude told me it's because the shaft needs longer splines. Hmmm. &nbsp:Does that make sense? Is that only for the 80s that have FF, but don't have lockers and you want to add lockers so you need a longer splined shaft?!?! Or maybe this conversion kit messes with stuff inside the housing--not just outside where the electric actuator is--and it moves the fork and gears farther over on the axle shaft so you need more splines? I don't see how that could be possible...?!?! Has anyone on the board actually used, installed or even seen this electric to cable conversion from Downey? Or has anyone had any experience with any other electric to cable conversion for a toyota e-locker (home-made, other MFGs...) Anyway, the real question I need answered is this: &nbsp:Do I need a longer than long-splined axle shaft for putting an e-locker in a 60 series FF housing to use Downey's cable conversion kit? P.S. I know I need a longer splined version of the axle shaft in a FF to work with the e-locker to begin with, but do I need LONGER-SPLINED than the long-splined axle?
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    You only need the axle if you don't have the e-lockers.
    I would be hesitant to buy anything Downey has developed after installing one of their TBI "kits". It would have been easier to make the whole thing from scratch. If fact, that's about what ended up happening. :mad:
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