Cost to sandblast a frame

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May 12, 2009
I did some searching but most of what little I found was from 2005-2008. I want to get my Landcruiser frame (1971 '40) sandblasted but I have no idea what it might cost. I have an Aqualu tub coming in December and wonder if it might be more cost effective to get a new frame at the same time rather than try to clean up the one I have. The frame I have has pretty heavy surface rust but won't require any cutting and welding to get it up to speed.
Anyone have a frame sandblasted recently? What'd you pay? Flat rate or by the hour?
I paid 50.00/hour for my frame to be sandblasted. I also had other parts blasted so I don’t know for sure what it cost but I’m sure it was less than 200.00.
Just had mine done (1966fj40) along with powder coating. They were charging $100 pr hr. It all goes pretty quick, so if you have other things that need blasting bring it with you.

I shopped around a bit. The first place only blasted, then I had to bring it some place else to powder coat. The second place was one stop shopping.

I had everything but the tub blasted and primed and or powder coated. If I think how long it would have taken to do all that by well spent!
What’s the plan once you blast? POR15 or powder coat?
I am also in Phoenix and looking for a blasting place and costs as well.
If you can get it done for a couple hundred bucks, go for it. I used a home unit and it took a long time.
Also consider acid dip.

I'd fix your frame before buying one that will require all sorts of fiddling to work with your body. Fixing your frame will cost way less that a new one.
Up on WA I had the whole frame blasted, primed and powder coated for $500, all in the same location.
I paid $600.00 to have my last one sand blasted and powder coated. Blasting by itself usually cost about $150.00
I understand the idea of having the frame blasted, but what about inside the rails where the blaster can't reach?

A while back a Samurai buddy told me about a process of removing rust using a water bath with a charged anode and cathode setup. I realize this would require quite a large bath, but would it be more effective in removing all of the rust?
Or acid, there are many options. Maybe @Tools R Us can chime in on this
Or acid, there are many options. Maybe @Tools R Us can chime in on this

What I would do depends on how much rust. Most that we see, just need some sanding, maybe phosphoric acid, then paint.
I stripped my frame down and pressure washed it real good. Then I took it to a shop and they sandblasted and powder coated it for around $500. I remember thinking it was a well worth the money. Check out page 1 of my build thread, there is a picture of it.
Thanks guys. Sounds like less than I expected. I'll start looking around for someone local who can do this.

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