Clunk In Front End

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Dec 4, 2002
When I steer my FJ40 to the right in 2WD there's an audible clunking sound comeing from what seems the right front end.I'm guessing the infamous Birfield. I've checked to make sure the hubs were unlocked. Any ideas?
i would think a broken birfield would make still make noise right or left. i would check for loose lug nuts or maybe the tire rubbing
Worn out spring bushings make a real cool clunk as the springs and shakles move around.
I had a good clunk up front and decided it was the tie rod ends. The clunk would only occur when I was turning hard and accelerating from a stop. If you're also feeling that the steering is a bit sloppy, loose or you're having to "correct" more than you should have to.. you may want to check there.
Yup. Check your TREs (and even try to tighten up those drag link ends) for excessive movement and your spring bushings. Possibly worn out knuckle bearings but I think the bearings would have to be pretty much disintegrated...


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