Rob's FJ45 Build

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Feb 19, 2003
Kansas city MO
FYI: I started this over in my club forum years ago, but decided to have it moved over here.

After several years of other projects bumping there way in front of it I've finally started my '63 :D:D



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^^ x2
Game on?

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Gotta get home first. Wtf do u think im doing in california?

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Oohhhh this is gonna be good!
haven't decided yet but I am looking at the colors from the 60's. org was spring green
hey rob...nice to visit with you yesterday....i am glad you are getting the project started...i will be following...spring green now that would look cool...and by the way you got going on the truck faster than i would have...piggy still in progress!

Rob - who are using to media blast? Are you taking all items there? Rough idea how much it will cost?

I'm strongly debating having the tub and doors for my 40 blasted by someone else. Got started today and the lining they coated inside and bottom is going to be a bear to get off.
There's a place in south belton by craig cox's house that does blasting for $60/hr. But they charge double if there is undercoating or some other hard to remove finish because they have to chip it off first. I had a friend who took a vw single cab split window bus up there that had undercoating and it cost him $1600. He found out about the double charge after they did the job :/
I used eagle auto stripping. Pd cash 45 cab was $400? That was the cab and roof. I still have other stuff to media blast later

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Also using Eagle $325 no roof. Everything that fits will go in my blast cabinet. Trying aircraft stripper on the fenders. I will see how that goes or if I'll send them out.
windshield vent, roof brackets and 1 apron blasted. had some welding and dents to hammer out on the apron but its good now



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