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CLCC Tech Day thread

Discussion in 'VA/DC/MD- Capital Land Cruiser Club' started by edust1, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. emorth


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    Jan 22, 2006
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    Something a little different...
    Once a year, Amateur Radio Operators, or Hams, conduct a worldwide emergency communications drill. This event is called Field Day and this year it occurs on June 24 & 25. Field Day

    Historically, Hams have been a significant communications resource during natural and man-made disasters and special events. For example; Hams are the primary communications resource for the Red Cross. Hams provided post-Katrina communications resources to New Orleans public safety operations while their radio infrastructure was down from storm damage. And, Hams provide significant communications resources during the Marine Corps Marathon.

    The purpose of Field Day is to practice setting up and operating a radio station(s) at a remote location, rain or shine, using generator, battery or solar power in preparation for a real event. Field Day is also a contest/competition. Points are awarded for the number of stations operating, the number of contacts made (local, national and worldwide) and when special operating modes are used, such as; satellite (Hams have over 30 satellites in orbit), moon bounce (using the moon as a reflector) and communicating with the Hams aboard the Space Station, to name a few. There is a limited station set-up time (stations need to be on the air soon after the disaster) with continuous operations expected for 24 hours from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

    The Vienna Wireless Society (Ham club) https://viennawireless.net/wp/ does their Field Day at Burke Lake Park. The VWS will have an impressive set up where they will operate numerous stations using a variety of long wire antennas strung through the trees and beam antennas on temporary towers. This year the Virginia Communications Cache Virginia Communications Cache a Virginia Emergency Management Department resource to support public safety communications during an emergency is planning to have a display of vehicles and equipment at the VWS Field Day site on Saturday - unless they are dispatched to a real event. The VWS Field Day site will be on the left just as you enter Burke Lake Park, before the park's guard shack.

    What does this have to do with off-roading??? Increasingly, Ham radio is being used by off-roaders because of the coverage and capability benefits and the ability to have wide area communications resources in the event of an emergency when outside of cellular coverage. The volunteer emergency/event organizations (post disaster, search & rescue, Appalachian Trail, etc.) depend on Hams for comms and off-road vehicle volunteers for transportation support. Even the preppers are getting involved with Ham radio in anticipation of the telephone and cellular networks crashing. So there is somewhat of a relationship between the various groups.

    So, pack up the kids, go to Burke Lake Park, ride the train and the carousel, feed the ducks, eat an ice cream cone and check out the VWS Field Day site. VWS will have a visitor's site set up so the kids can actually talk on the radio to someone in another part of the country or the world.

    The ARRL web site Home will have a Field Day locator page to find Field Day sites in other areas that may be closer to you.

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  2. Stumpalama

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    Nov 5, 2004
    I like it! I think that is a great idea for a family day out.
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  3. Von Hayek

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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Frazier family is interested. We have a 1pm baseball game on Sunday, but we could probably make that work.
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