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Jun 24, 2004
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I've run into a number of scammers here, typically when I post a "Wanted" ad in the Classifieds. Their writing is very good and they come across as real legitimate members. However, the one thing that always hangs them up is photos of the item in question. They ALWAYS use recycled photos from Google or this forum. So, a simple reverse image search on Google will make it very clear whether or not the person is a legit or not. Highly recommend doing it if you're speaking to someone in question.

Posting a Wanted Ad here on Mud (and most forums) is like throwing chum in the water. Scammers and scumbag flippers are out there just waiting....

I like that @woody has put up a reminder banner.


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Mar 29, 2003
Or more likely, 20-30 "me too" posts to pad their count. Been there, seen that. Scammers won't. But the 40-50 REAL members who join daily will complain incessantly if that requirement was in place. I can't count the complaints now on little things that don't activate until a member reaches 10 posts...

And actually, it's not the POSTS that are an's private messaging. But again, when 85% of site traffic is from Google searches and a potential new member uses search to find a possible vehicle to buy, they'll be driven away instantly if there is a post-requirement before they can inbox with a question/offer.

I've added new filters on the admin side, and while the issue will never be gone, it has certainly slowed greatly. I've researched a few additional settings that may be implemented down the road as well.

That’s a pretty simple screener before you can post FS items IME.

I’m on a Scotty Cameron site that you need 100 posts to sell - gives the locals a chance to scout you out & make sure you’re not selling ‘tribute’ 🙄 -items.

You can still BUY without the 100 posts, but selling takes 100 posts & their forum software is like here where classified ad replies & OT forum don’t count to your 100.

Frankly, it works great & you even need pics with your username & date in pic otherwise it gets deleted.
Tough, but fair.

Esp when basic putters are $350 & can easily go to 5 digits in price, headcovers can be anything from $75 on up, cart bags are ~$1K — and we watch others’ pics to verify items.

—— Like I said, it’s tough getting 100 posts there, but for those who are into the stuff it screens out scammers.

~30 posts here to sell seems reasonable :meh:

Just my no-cash-value opinion. :hillbilly:


Oct 7, 2003
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As frustrating as Paypal can be, it still offers some of the BEST financial protection for your transactions.
Well, I just had to file a dispute with Paypal, not involving MUD. Horrible experience. I opened the complaint on March 1st, and it was closed the same day. No communiction. No resolution. No refund. Nothing.

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