Caliper Rub After Knuckle Rebuild and New Rotors

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Jun 21, 2009
So this past summer I rebuilt my knuckles and at the same time put new pads and rotors on. When I went to install the calipers the rotors were rubbing on the outer part of the caliper on both the drivers and passengers side. At the time I just put some XXmm washers in to get by, but I'd like to properly fix the problem now that I have some time.

I verified the inner bearings were fully seated, and followed the repair manual procedure to torque to 43 ft*lbs, rotate the assembly, retorque to 43 ft*lbs then back off 1/8 a turn on the axle nut to ensure the bearings were engaged properly.

The rotors I bought weren't OEM and some internet searching suggests this may be my issue, but I'd rather not buy another set of rotors if it's not the problem. I measured from the face of the rotor to the wear surface and it was 28mm. Does anyone know if this is the correct distance? Any other ideas as to why I have this issue.

If it's helpful I believe the knuckle rebuild kit came from Cruiser Outfitters, and the rotors from CCOT.

Here's a picture of the measurement I'm talking about and the caliper rubbing.

Just went and measured the washers. They were 2mm and seemed to center the rotor perfectly.
are both sides rubbing the same, have you compared the old and new rotors to see if they are different?
Did you get a free calendar?
But seriously, I'd call up CCOT and ask THEM about the measurements.
It may be that the rotors are fine, but you would not be the first person to find that stuff you bought from them doesn't fit right.
Have seen these variations in aftermarket rotors for other stuff. Probably the cause. Could turn off some of one rotor surface but why waste good metal?
I've had this problem a few times before, mostly because when your running a '71 Axle, with '83 mini truck knuckles & spindles, with '81 FJ60 hubs and rotors, and '91 4runner brake calipers, your bound to run into some issue!

If I remember correctly, this is caused because of very small changes in spindles (which I believe changed in '80 or '81).

I take old knuckle shims and cut them down to shim the caliper to the rotor. It fixes the problem every time.
Unfortunately I threw the original rotors away before I got a chance to measure them, but both sides are rubbing the same.
At this point I'm probably just going to live with it and pick up OEM rotors next time and see if I still have the same problem.

The calendar is what sealed the deal for me ;).

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