Building a seat cradle...

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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Gettin started on a seat cradle to fit in my MetalTech cage and hold my two Corbeau seats.

I am keeping the factory tank, and do not want to have to yank the factory guard that covers the fill hose and factory evap. emissions.

The basic choice here is whether or not to keep the A-> B pillar part of the cradle the same for both sides, or just fit it as tight as possible on the drivers side and do what I have to on the passenger side.

Part of me says "Keep it tight and low on the DS for my comfort," and part of me says "keep it symmetrical so that the rest of the cradle will be easier to build and because symmetrical just feels right"

Which side should win out? The picture should illustrate what I'm talking about. I'm out here in the garage today, so post quick or it might be too late :D

I do have access to a bender, but not conveniently, would rather keep this simple with straight tube.
P4150073 (Medium).JPG
are you going to use your doors. i would go the high route, mine are hi and no prob with my corbueas
I do run the doors in the winter some around town.

So you're saying keep it symmetrical, as the higher-than-it has to be spreader on the driver side is not a big deal?
I just looked up some yours up, Cam. Looks sharp. Almost makes me want to go to the trouble of bending up the A-B pillar tube.

Did you have the die to bend the smaller tube that runs from side to side?
no i got that in the metal tech kit, looking at it now it would be easy to bend, let me know if you need any measurements or what have you.
I had to run a curve around the emissions stuff & connect to my downbar. I don't think there's gonna be an easy way w/ straight tube in that area. I tried to keep mine simple, at least my front bar is straight. I have 1 1/4", 1 1/2" & 1 3/4" dies if you need to borrow one.
Got the passenger side spreader fitted. Since I have that cross in the b hoop, I don't think any bending would have helped this fit any tighter.

Looks like it's touching the tank cover, but it's not. 1/8" of clearance. Can still get the emissions crap out with the tube in place as well.

Still can't decide about whether to run the drivers side tube as low as possible or the same as the passenger side tube. Leaning towards symmetrical.

Part of this project is going to be pulling the cage and grinding down a lot of the welds and redoing them.
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