Broken Back Glass Replacement

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Oct 29, 2007
Some s***head threw a rock in the back glass last night. The best quote i've received is $1250 from a reputable glass shop.

You're in West Tx, check with @arcteryx in the Austin area. He parts out these trucks if you want to go with a used glass.

The defrost in there really bumps up the costs on these particular ones.
Yeah, cheapest I have seen new is almost $600 for just the glass. I just replaced mine last week. Got a window from the wrecking yard, polished it up with some cerium powder to remove hard water stains and minor scratches. It's not new but I am into it less than $100 and it looks really good. If you end up with one with the factory solar tint it can easily be removed if it looks bad. I got a discount from the wrecking yard because the tint had peeled off in a couple spots but I knew I was going to remove it anyway.

My glass guy put it in for $50. The FSM says to use adhesive, and my original window had it around the glass inside the gasket. Glass guy said he'd never used adhesive on the rear like that. I went with his recommendation, no adhesive, with the understanding he'd redo it if it leaked. I've run a hose on it for about 10 minutes twice now and no sign of leaks.

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