Brake Master Cylinder Issues

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Jun 8, 2016
Puerto Rico
Hello everyone,

I am currently having problems with the MC on my 2000 LC100. It started with the VSC and ABS lighting up when I was stopped for a while and culminated with a VERY annoying beep. The brakes are working perfectly but there is some fluid leaking. My mechanic got the whole assembly off and tried looking for parts from other Toyota trucks that would fit the broken compoments of the assembly (which I'm not 100% sure which they are) to no avail. Right now I got the whole assembly back and I'm not sure if there is a rebuild kit or separrate parts I could buy or if I should just buy the whole $2000 assembly and be done with it. Thoughts? If I get the whole assembly, where do you reccommend to get it for the best price?

Thanks in advance.

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