1. mistered123

    New Cupholders!

    I've had this hundy for about a month now and I cannot STAND the cup holders. I don't know how you guys deal with it! :) Anyway, I found a 3D model of some new cupholders online (here), and I can 3D print things for free at my local library so I figured I'd give it a shot. It took something...
  2. NCTroutHunter

    Should this rust scare me from buying?

    I'm looking at 2005 LC with 144K. Price is great at $10K, but let me know what you think about this rust (especially the door). It was in IL most of its life - service record on Carfax are decent, but also no record of a timing belt so I'd be looking at that straight away. I would greatly...
  3. Asanka

    For Sale Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $80 shipped to lower 50

    Moved to tire-wheel section - For Sale - Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $80 shipped to lower 50
  4. 2004 Land Cruiser LC100 275/70/18 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R® With Kevlar®

    2004 Land Cruiser LC100 275/70/18 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R® With Kevlar®

    Fits without suspension mods
  5. L

    Engine heatup on gaining height

    Hi everyone. Acquired a LC100 2003 amazon spec 1HDFTE with the 4 speed auto tranny( my hunch is its a 442f) Used the vehicle for a vacation last month ran into some overheating issues Before leaving all fluids incuding radiator fluid,transmission fluid.diff fluids etc were replaced.A new fan...
  6. J

    Wanted 06/07 LC in Denver, CO Area

    Looking for a 06/07 LC in the Denver CO and surrounding area. Willing to travel a couple hours. Can be stock or built. Thanks!
  7. Grade D Angel

    For Sale LX470 third row seats, tan leather, like new, Seattle WA

    Third row fold and stow seats from a 2000 LX470 with tan, aka ivory, leather. Seats look to have never been used. $150 or best offer
  8. scruffymofo93

    Builds Roy's 1998 FZJ105R Build

    Hey guys, I'm new here please be gentle :) I just bought my first LC last week, have wanted one since I was a kid. It's a 1998 FZJ105R GXL, 4.5L automatic. I'm going to slowly build the 105 into a tourer/overlander, thought I'd start a thread to show you the progress and get some advice when I...
  9. JackAttack13

    Vendor Dual Battery Wiring Kits - 100 Series (Feeler)

    Hey All, I wanted to reach out and get a feel for the need / want of pre-terminated dual battery kits. I know electrical is not for everyone, and want to bring my experience and trade into the LC world. I feel that certain crowds get all of the attention from vendors i.e Tacomas, Jeeps, etc...
  10. GorData

    SOLD Lx470 Factory roof rack

    removed the factory rack this pass weekend. Have no need for it. Its in great shape for the age. Will also include the screws which are not pictured. Looking to get $100 picked him up. May ship but need to find the price of shipping these. 2002 LX470 roof rack 1 by GorData posted Jun 4, 2018 at...
  11. ToyotaIsLife

    100 series out performing 200 series.

    My 2007 LC100 has outstanding ride quality out in the trails and sand dunes. 60MPH+ over large bumps, whoops, jumps and it is much much more comfortable and stable then my LC200. I tried everything absolutely everything with my LC200, different shock brands, revalved the shocks many times...
  12. S

    Difference between a US spec, Mid East spec and Euro Spec UZJ100

    Good day cruiser heads, just wondering what's the difference between a US spec, Mid East, and a Euro spec Lc100. Please share your thoughts
  13. Fortizar

    Suspension Problems

    Hello! I'm having a bit of an issue with my suspension that I had put into my 100. I'm no expert so I did a bit of research and had a shop put in my new lift. They put in everything plus new control arms, torsion bar, and dif drop kit. My issue is that the rear end is so much higher than the...
  14. ToyotaIsLife

    ARAB Version of Glamis.

    Average weekend. Good news guys, more links. Enjoy. :bounce:
  15. ToyotaIsLife

    How to beatbox with your LC100!

    WATCH OUT REV LIMITER! Somehow toyota made it so the engine when rev bounced will reduce its top rpm by small increments which creates this awesome beatbox. Good for lubricating the engine with oil:D 1FZE FOR THE WIN. 6-2-1 header is what creates the distict tone. 6-1 s***ty tone.
  16. DecaturFJ

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Very Unmolested - Atlanta

    Family needs a traveler rather than weekend cruiser, ready to move on... Looking to trade 80 series, Porsche, keep, what ya got? Top off by DecaturFJ posted May 28, 2015 at 10:31 PMAt home by DecaturFJ posted May 28, 2015 at 10:31 PMHangin out by DecaturFJ posted May 28, 2015 at 10:31 PMAfter...
  17. R

    SOLD 2001 LX470 228K clean Carfax

    I have a 2001 LX470 with 229k mi. located in Pensacola, FL looking to get 7,500 OBO beige metallic pearl exterior tan interior wood grain Navigation (missing disc) Mark Levinson Sound system that works, multi Disc works and radio works antenna goes up and down haven't tried tape player. I have...
  18. W

    Driving with busted globes?

    Hello everyone, Well this is my first post on this forum and I'd just like to say a big thank you to all who have posted before me for depositing their hard won knowledge in a place that allows me and others to gleen gems of wisdom that keep my truck on the road. I'm hoping that I can return...
  19. V

    For Sale 2000 UJZ100 Black 170k in Colorado $7800obo

    Selling my beloved Landcruiser to move into a newer car. It is 'unbuilt' (no overlanding mods done), but very solid and dependable - I've spent the last year fixing thing that have been neglected and it's in a great place to begin building or just using as is. I've used it on countless road...
  20. NJacob

    Got a lc100 with a 1FZ-FE Motor

    Hi there, Is there a reliable turbo kit available for this motor. If so please do let me know,looking for a kit which is a clean install. Rebuilding the entire motor starting from tomo would be perfect to do the turbo kit once the rebuild is done. Much appreciated for the help
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