1. A

    SOLD  Fj40 brake booster later model

    Used brake booster-oem-works. Toyota reference part #44610-60050. $50.
  2. Macsluci

    Replacing brakeline to rear drivers side

    Hello, I just bought my first 2000 Lc on Wednesday and obviously started work right away. The rear driver's side brakeline (front to rear) was leaking horribly so I ordered the part #( 47322-60732($85.30)). Very easy to replace. ALSO- do not put any pastes, ect on the threads. Front connection...
  3. blackbark24

    brake upgrade to my 91 worth it?

    Hi all. Looking for advice. I have a 91 that I'm not 100% happy with the way it brakes. When I bought the LC, I also bought a 94 full floating rear axle and 16" wheels with the intent of doing a rear axle swap and changing out the front disks and calipers as well. I like the way the larger...
  4. BrownCruiser

    ABS Module Wires Chewed

    Hi Forum, The wires to the ABS controller on our 99 LC were chewed by a rodent trying to get warm. Does anyone have any experience with the wiring harness in this area?
  5. Roocruiser

    Hard brake lines and proportioning valve

    I replaced the rusted dust shields on the back of a 1991 JDM HDJ81 in November last year. I had trouble with the hard lines for brakes and I used the rubber lines to rotate as the copper ones were just corroded. I have seen the "manifold" where they all go, or is it the proportioning valve?? It...
  6. S

    Brake Booster Constantly Running

    Howdy y'all. I'm a new fresh GX470 owner, bought a 2003 a couple weeks ago. There's a periodic chugging/cycling noise coming from the brake booster/accumulator/reservoir area that happens constantly when the ignition is turned to ON or the vehicle is running. Brakes work fine and there are no...
  7. PBcuiser

    Rear brake rebuild advice

    Howdy, Two weeks ago JUST as I got home after a short drive in the cruiser ('90 62) I lost my brakes. This past weekend I started tearing open the rear drums which I do not think had been looked at in 3 years or maybe more. I managed to get the drums off (took some serious encouragement from...
  8. gasolinesunsets

    100 Series Brakes - OEM or Aftermarket?

    HALP! Looking into replacing my brakes and was initially leaning towards R1 concepts. Naturally, there's a lot of conflicting sentiment towards them. So, I'm wondering if I should just keep things simple and stick with OEM calipers, rotors, pads, brake drum, & (aftermarket) SS brake lines -...
  9. Vibronic Cougar

    Master cylinder bubbling (BJ40)

    Had a pressure switch leak on my master cylinder and it drained the res while sitting for a couple years. Finally got around to filling and bleeding the system and come across this strange issue. On fast strokes of the pedal, large bubbles come up in the rear fluid reservoir. On slow strokes...
  10. M

    KZJ78 brake pads?

    just about time to replace my brake pads on my 94 kzj78 , and I’m looking to see what my best options are? Are any US model pads compatible with mine?
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Brake Boosters, Starters, Alternators, Cruise Control Units in SoCal

    These items can be shipped. Please specify year as they are not all the same. None of the starters are the oversized larger ones. Starters and Alternators are all tested. Prices on these range from $40 to $75 depending on the amount of cleaning needed. Power Brake Boosters are available...
  12. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal: FJ80 ABS and Brake Parts, 1990-1997 parts only

    Items can be shipped for $12 - $22 PLEASE SPECIFY YEAR. Brake Boosters in good condition $90 Master Cylinders $40 ABS control unit Front ABS sensors for 93-94 $100 Front ABS sensors for 95-97 $100 ABS electronic module $40 Front Knuckles for ABS $200 pair, shipping is $44...
  13. CR79BJ40B

    A BJ40 in Costa Rica - RTV Issues

    G'Day, Sorry if this has been posted before and sorry for the long winded story to come. I am having an issue with my left rear brake. As you can see from the subject, its a 79 BJ and for those who dont live in Costa Rica, RTV or Retieve is the annual vehicle corruption...err, inspection. So...
  14. crusiersteve62

    Those dang knuckle threads

    So I plan on doing the dreaded front knuckle rebuild and while I am doing that I am going to be replacing the steering knuckle studs and brake pads. Any other quick maintenance I should do while I have things torn apart in the front end?
  15. L

    3rd Brake Light Not Working

    Hello, I purchased my 02 LX470 several months ago and was going through the car top to bottom and discovered the infamous water leak from the 3rd (high mount) brake light on top of the tailgate. The PO attempted a bodge job with butyl tape to seal it. The housing was bowed from the sun and...
  16. S

    For Sale  Central Coast California 1971 FJ40 $5125 OBO

    So, these are my pouting words from a defeated man. I just now decided after breaking my new windshield during the install, that working on this FJ40 isn’t bringing me the pleasure it once did. Despite all the work and money, it still looks like a beater and I am just to tired to see beyond that...
  17. Wrencher93

    1997 FZJ80 Rehabilitation

    Back-story: Hi all, I've been a Mud member for about two years now. Thanks to this site I bought my 80 from another member in 2018 and have been enjoying it ever since. It's a 1997 so it's got that 1FZ-FE inline goodness under the hood. Currently sitting around 248K on the odometer. I bought it...
  18. N

    Spongy Brakes

    Hey everyone, This site is a wealth of knowledge and have appreciated everything I’ve learned from here. Quick question, I’ve yet to find a direct answer to this, but I have a 1996 Cruiser with some brake issues. When I push the brake pedal down, it feels like there is little to no resistance...
  19. Drake2

    1st RockAuto Order (Front Calipers & Rotors)

    Well, I placed my 1st RockAuto order. Picked up a set of loaded calipers and rotors for the 1980 FJ40 front axle rebuild. The rotors have the partial GCX corrosion coating and the calipers come with the gold colored corrosion coating and ceramic pads. I will update this post with actual pics...
  20. eSkittles

    100 series brake job

    I plan on replacing my front brake pads this weekend. In the process I also plan on resurfacing the rotors. Might as well give the hub some attention as well. If the parts aren't destroyed, would I need to replace the bearing seals, bearings, gaskets, etc in the hub or can I just repack? As...
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