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  1. krs2fur

    FJ80 SF to FF Disc Brake swap questions

    OK, 'Mud community, I've searched & read for the last few YEARS and still haven't come to a real conclusion on this. Hopefully somebody here can FINALLYclear some of this up. I have a 1991 3FE FJ80 (Disc/Drum brakes, w/o ABS) However, I have a Full Float disc brake E-Locked rear axle, from a...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    92 Full Float Rear Axle Swap Sanity Check

    Hey guys, My '92 FJ80 is currently in the shop getting a FF rear along with other goodies. I thought I had researched it enough before dropping it off, but I thought of a couple of possible issues I'd like to be reassured on. First is the rear drive shaft. From my research, I thought the...
  3. aphil

    For Sale  1999 lx470 Master Cylinder Assembly

    The motor went out on my master cylinder assembly booster pump motor and Toyota replaced the entire assembly rather than just the motor. Toyota said it was the motor that failed and the rest of the assembly was in good working order. My plan was to have pump rebuilt with a new motor and then...
  4. U

    64 fj40 disc brake conversion

    Just purchased a 64 fj40 with SBC and power steering already done. But with the plan to run 33's or bigger the brakes also have to be done. Based on my research so far on this site it looks like the best option is to source a complete front axle assembly from a 74-79 fj60 that already has discs...
  5. DaveRemisiewicz

    1971 Master Cylinder alternatives

    I have a 71 FJ40. Is there an inexpensive master cylinder from another year or model? My truck was made in June. Pictures of other years look pretty similar. Will the later ones bolt up? I’m about to do a front disk swap to replace the drums.
  6. brhydock

    Project advice please

    Hey fellow cruiserheads! This weekends project is replacing my master and slave clutch cylinder on my 85 fj60 and being fairly new to turning wrenches on my rig I was hoping to get advice/ tips! From what people say, it seems like it should be a pretty straightforward job but I am having a...
  7. Landbruiser100

    For Sale  00-02 100 landcruiser (used) Master cylinder. Delmarva USA

    Have the master cylinder from my 2000 100 series Land Cruiser US gas 4.7 WITH ABS TRAC used in 2000 to 2002 L/C's. Bought rebuilt kit, cleaned per service manual. Took to Delaware Toyota Dealer for bleed as it is recommended to bleed this system with OBD connection. Toyota declined to bleed...
  8. CloudCity

    Did brake flush cause new Master Cylinder problems?

    Update 5/2019: See Post #5 below for resolution of this ordeal. I've researched a few of the brake failure threads but this seems to warrant it's own as it is a specific sequence of events with a dealer service center leading to a potential failure. I have been driving my new-to-me '04 LX 470...
  9. YoungStingy

    Master brake cylinder going bad? And vibration in Overdrive..

    Hello fellow 100 series owners, Had my lc100 ‘01 for a little over a year now. Put 20k on it since purchase. Put a lot of monet in it fixing it up. I’m nearing a cross roads in what to do. Ever since I’ve owned it, I notice the MBC shakes briefly occasionally. I assume it’s the factory...
  10. rockclmbr

    For Sale  100 Series

    I have a used brake booster/ABS/Master Cylinder system from a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. It needs to be re-built with seals as the pedal was going to the floor before it was replaced. I saved it hoping someone could use some of the parts and save $$. It is free if you come get it or pay...
  11. FJ40Jim

    Smaller brake master cylinders?

    For my project, I'm looking for a smaller bore master brake cylinder. The commonly available 7/8" (FJ40/55/60) and 1" (4R/80) are too big, giving a very solid pedal, but insufficient braking. Is there an MC smaller than 7/8" that still uses later Cruiser configuration: 4bolt mount, side...
  12. Raultlc

    Wanted  Looking for a brake master cylinder for a '91 fj80. HELP!

    Hi you all! I'm new on this place and I'm really not visit with frequency, just to read and learn hehehehe. I'm having a problem with my old lady Fj80 (non abs), I'm bleed the brakes due that sometimes I felt (and still filling) and irregular pressure on the brake pedal (a lack pressure being...
  13. C

    1967 fj40 master cylinder

    Looking for some help with master cylinder replacement on my 67 fj40, it has the very small brake lines and i can not find a size for the fitting that screws into the master cylinder. I want to use an adapter fitting so as to use a master cylinder with 3/16th standard fitting. has anyone done...
  14. E

    Is this brake line suppose to be missing? Help!

    Hey All, I was doing my valve gaskets on the drivers side and was spending some up close time with the brake master and noticed that one of the lines is either capped off or was removed by the PO.. based on the photos below, can you tell me if this is supposed to be this way .....or was my PO...
  15. kwest

    Brake lines or master cylinder?

    Weird story, but I'll proceed. On Thanksgiving night, I had my FJ62 broken into. They damaged the lock cylinders on the hatch and the driver-side door, and eventually entered by breaking the rear, driver-side door window. Long story,short, I booked an appt with A Touch of Glass for the window...
  16. A

    Wanted  Master Cylinder Cap

    Looking for the 2 1/2 inch rubber cap for the master cylinder on a 1977 FJ40. Thanks!
  17. qaclange

    2005 100 series master cylinder help

    Just bought 100 series this year and ABS light and alarm go off. Dealership said the master is leaking and needs replacement asap. I saw a thread on here about replacing one but my question is because I have active skid control can i just replace the MS and not have to do the booster and pump...
  18. D

    Clutch Help Please

    I have a 1983 BJ45. The clutch needs two pumps on the pedal to build up pressure, also with the slave cylinder the threaded rod that comes out the end is able to be moved in and out with very little force by hand. Is this normal? I am having issues with the box getting jammed in 4th gear and it...
  19. CurtB

    RTFM Brake Master Cylinder Bleed

    I relearn this lesson too many times!
  20. red66toy

    New brake master cylinder install question

    Is there supposed to be a gasket between the MC and the booster? I have a FJ62 and took off the old MC and there was nothing between the two but I thought I read somewhere there was supposed to be. Thanks for any help!
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