Bama2door '88 FJ62 Build Thread

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Sep 10, 2013
Birmingham, AL
Bama4door '88 FJ62 Build Thread

I just picked up an '88 62 a couple days ago and already love it. I bought it for a weekend project and wheeling rig. Unfortunately it lived some of its life in Vermont so rust is in a few places around the fenders mainly. Here's a few specs on how it came:

3" OME Lift
38" TSL's
Safari Snorkel
Homemade front bumper
Homemade drawer/storage system in rear

So I've only had it for a couple days and yesterday I changed the oil with some 15w40 Rotella T. Unfortunately the PO didn't know it took 8 quarts and I only got about 5.5q out. But was able to put 8 in and the oil pressure gauge went from 1/4 to 1/2 so I'm happy about that.

Also he had installed a CB and screwed it in the dash (unfortunate) so I took that out along with the crappy seat covers he had over the factory seats. The drivers side seat is in pretty bad shape and I need to figure out how to get new foam and upholstery for it. Back seat and passenger seat are in good condition though.

So this morning I woke up early and started taping and prepping for bed lining the fenders and lower doors. I got a Dupli-Color kit from Autozone and I think it turned out pretty well. I also painted the homemade bumper the PO had built.

On to the pics:

First day I got it




Bed Liner Process:





Next on the list is to drop on my Warn XD9000i tomorrow. The PO also included a complete new set of interior carpet, so I may try and take the seats out tomorrow. I'm also planning a knuckle rebuild and redoing brakes.

I'm pretty new to LC's in general, but have always loved them. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I've a GM guy through and through but I'm excited to get into Toyota tech.

Please leave any comments or advise on where I should head next.
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Good looking truck. Where you go next depends on how you want to use it. For starters just going through every system and making sure it's working as it should is key.

38's are big on a 3" the tires rub?
Welcome to the gang!:flipoff2:
Anychance you can post some more pics of those drawers in the back? May wanna regear or get some smaller m/t tires with better road manners, either way your trans will thank you.
Good looking truck bama!
Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback.

The 38's are pretty massive and yes they rub when flexing. I want to try and trade these for some 35's or 36's, but at the same time I kind of like the 38's I just wish I could get more lift. I have been reading through some SOA threads and it seems pretty extensive, but I may try it one day.

I would like to change the A440 out with either a H55 or H42 at some point and regear the axles to 4.88's.

Wiscolandcruiser- I will get some more pictures of the drawers tomorrow. Anything specific you want to see? You can see the light switch panel and plugs he installed to run a power inverter, but he never got around to putting one in so right now they are useless. I can't decide if I want to keep the drawers or not. So far it's pretty handy keeping extra oil and all my tools in there, but it does take up a lot of room.

I just swapped my Warn xd9000 on this evening so I will get some pics in the AM with that mounted and I'm planning on changing out the F/R diff oil as well. Question, do I need to get new diff cover gaskets after I change the oils or will RTV work?
Cool truck, did you just paint over the rust? I think you should read some threads here and get a plan together. You can fit then38s without more lift, just gonna need to do some cutting which would probably help your rust problem as well.

Here's 37s on mine and I have less lift, not done cleaning it up but might give you a rough idea. Lifting it higher is silly, raises your COG and typically does not off any greater flex.

Hell, don't know why the pic flipped.
Alright did a little work this weekend. I decided to paint the mirrors and grill black and installed my warn winch as well.

Also cleaned the interior out the dash looking nice. Next step is to take all seats out and replace the carpet.

Before grill/mirro repainted:


I think it looks a lot better black, really ties in with the fenders and rockers too.
Man, I would have traded grilles with I you...
FJ90, didn't think you put the picture in upside down, we thought you rolled it!
I want chrome to go with a (possible) ARB bullbar. It seems like everyone is blacking them out, I prefer chrome though... That's life I guess

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