Any Tan 40s with Black Rims?

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Feb 16, 2007
Valdosta, GA
Ok so I have a Tan/Beige 76 FJ40 with 31x10.5 BFG ATs White Letters out on White Spoke Rims.
I'm thinking about painting my White Spoke steel rims Black. Any thoughts or Suggestions?

I was thinking of taking 1 wheel off at a time, roughing them up with sand paper, degreasing them and then tape off the tire and paint the rim with Black Semi Gloss Rustoleum. Should I prime

Any of you guys with Tan 40s and Black rims, could you post some pics to help my decision making.
My new DD is tan with black steelies. I dont have the white letters out on the tires.
Tires are a little bigger than yours but the wheels are black
I definitly like Black Rims with bigger meats but that will be a while. I am waiting Land Cruiser 'Bailout' Money and then I can get a Lift and shove 33's on.

My current white spoke rims have very little if any rust on them. The lug nuts have a lot of surface rust as the Chrome finish has long since worn off.

Thanks for the pics. Anyone running smaller tires with Black rims?
Here's mine...
DSC01995 (Large).jpg
DSC01993 (1) (Large).jpg
Mad Chemist in Moab. I think a dune beige truck looks good with black wheels.
I painted my spare (originally a white wagon wheel) a flat black Industrial Rustoleum. Put down 2 coats of primer and then 3 coats of paint. That was last summer and it still looks fine, but it is the spare so it hasn't been used yet.

The black will look great with the dune beige. Go for it.
I love beige and black- since these early photos I did my rear view mirror, and did the the metal cover plate things on my old doors (the regulator square, and the lower one with the x on it), I am also going to do my side mirrors, and saturday I am taking delivery of a nice black TJM roof cage:D

white rims/?

hey i want to do the reverse... have 33's mickey thompson's
on what the guy said were Black rock crawlers/ 5 total with
spare, brand new .. but what co. makes BEST white spoke
steel rims i can swap to??? and flip to white letters for more traditional look? thanks :meh:
Not Beige but with steel black rims on!
beige fj40 w/ black wheels

Heres my beige 72 with black wheels
Painting the rims was an easy decision.
I worried over the bezel a while tho'.

I really like the black & tan combination now.
Happy Trails! N

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